Silly Smelly Towels

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This morning I woke up thinking I wasn’t going to shower. (I’m not gross. I showered the night before at 9:30pm). But when I went downstairs to wash my face, I realized that I felt gross and wanted to shower anyway. I never shower at night. I really don’t. Really the only time I do is when I work out at night, have been traveling all day, or just feel like that day was a hell of a day, and I need to just wash it off. My body is used to showering in the morning. The exceptions? Working out before doing anything else. That is about it… or a late night the night before and 0 time before I need to be at work.

The point is, I decided to shower.

I didn’t feel like walking through my roommates room again (I live in the attic and have to go through her room) and waking up her dog who would bark at me and in turn wake her up, so I grabbed one of her numerous towels on the shelf. She hoards them.

One thing I really can’t stand are clean towels that have a distinct odor. A bad odor. You know what I’m talking about. I don’t understand how this happens. When I wash my clothing and towels, they smell amazing when I get them out of the dryer. These ones? Nope. My hypothesis is that she uses liquid softener and therefore doesn’t put dryer sheets in the dryer. I however, am lazy and use dryer sheets. I think that this is the reason why her towels do not smell good. Some dryers just do not smell that amazing when they have been used  time and time again.

You have NO idea what someone has dried in there.  What do these towels smell like? Smelly socks and wet dog. Not at all surprising. Not at all what I want to dry my newly cleaned self with, either. The reason why this bothers me? It is one of those scents that sticks with you ALL day. No matter how delicious my body lotion or body spray smells, I can’t help but notice that underlying scent of gross and really hoping that I’m the only one that can smell it.

So, for those of you that are around me today, I apologize for my smell. It’s not my fault really. I am in fact clean, I did shower this morning, I did wear deodorant. I moisturized and sprayed good smelling stuffs on me.

It’s the curse of the smelly towel. I’ll blame devil dog too.