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San Francisco Weather – Summer is Cold.

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I have lived in San Francisco now for about 5 years. For 10 months of that, I lived in the East Bay in the sometimes significantly warmer Berkeley, and have lived in various parts of San Francisco including the Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, Alamo Square and a short stint in the Mission.

I am also a part of a website called Postcrossing. (It is amazing, I get and send postcards all over the world and have a wonderful time learning about other people’s way of life. )

9 times out of 10 when I receive a card, someone mentions something about ‘staying cool’ or ‘what lovely weather you must have in California!’

Yeah, if I was in LA or San Diego Maybe. But its July and I’m cold.

Northern California – specifically San Francisco has a climate very much unlike the climate of what everyone assumes the climate of all California is -warm and sunny always. Beach bonfires. Ladies in Bikinis. VENICE BEACH! Well those who don’t know anything about the climate of Northern California – I shouldn’t assume.

THIS is California:


But what they don’t realize is that there is a huge difference between Southern CA (seen above) and Northern California – especially when it comes to climate.

San Francisco is very unique in that we have many many Microclimates and even submicroclimates and essentially our year is backward.

So I’m going to get a few things straight.

If it is Late May – Late/Mid August – tell me to bundle up.

Mid August/Early September through early November?  – tell me to stay cool!

December – April? – Tell me to stay dry! and warm!

Like I said, the weather is backward. While the rest of the country has a pretty standard climate, things in San Francisco are San Francisco Standard.

January – April-ish = Historically we, though over the last few years, in case you didn’t know, we’re in a major drought. This year, thankfully, was an El Nino year. It rained! It rained so much! But a lot of rain here is like nothing elsewhere. Between June 2015 and June 2016, we had a whopping 72 days of rain -most of which were in December, January, and March! That is so much rain! Well it isn’t… but it is! From all of those rain days, we only received 23.17 inches of rain. I used this chart. It was also cold. Cold and Rainy.

[As a side note, I grew up in Northwestern PA where summers were just weeks of straight downpours. San Francisco rarely has a day of downpour. usually its a somewhat steady rain for a few hours and then its done]

[Another side note. When I say cold, it does get into the upper 30s F at night in the winter and even in the summer it can still go down to the upper 40s (last night the low was 48). But the highs can be in the upper 40s in the winter and 60s in the ‘summer’. 60 in SF is colder than 60 elsewhere. There is wind and a bone chilling cold in the air. We’ve had friends leave their 60 degree weather in Boulder in a T-shirt and pants and arrive in SF’s 60 degree weather and need a coat. It’s weird. I don’t get it, but its true.

We’re still in this massive drought.

So staying dry, never an issue. It is ridiculously dry here.

May – mid August-ish = Winter.  Late June, we had a 9:30 PM softball game out by the Golden Gate Bridge. My outfit: Thick work out pants (which weren’t thick enough), a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, coat, a hat and gloves.

You might just be saying that I lost my ability to handle cold weather. And while that might partially be true, it was also just plain cold. And the wind. Oh the wind.

Wind is an essential part of SF summer.23-25 mph winds are normal. Sometimes it gusts to 30-35. Sometimes we get a reprieve and it is only 15-20 mph. And the wind itself is cold. It is whipping off of the ocean full of water that flows straight from the arctic area!

Here is a screenshot of the morning temperatures using the SF Climate app from last week:


Late August – Mid November (usually) = Summer time! This is the time where we get our warm days. Usually mid to upper 70s to mid 80s. When I first moved here we had few 85+ days but since then they have become more prevalent and so have 90+ degree days. Though it still cools off quickly after around 3pm.

This is the most wonderful time to visit San Francisco. Before the rain falls (hopefully) and after the summer chill has burned away and the fog hangs out elsewhere.

Not all of SF is frigid in the summer. Because of the many microclimates, the temperature can change from neighborhood to neighborhood. For example, I live in Alamo Square. It is a central neighborhood in SF and when I left my house last Friday, it was warm. I could walk outside with a t-shirt and pants and be comfortable. But when I got off the bus near my job – 3 miles toward the ocean in the inner sunset, it  was 12 degrees cooler, foggy, and windy. I didn’t take a heavy enough sweater. Great neighborhoods to thaw out are the Mission, Noe Valley, Potrero Hill, and SOMA.

Again, around 3-5pm this changes and the fog and wind really move in and cover the rest of San Francisco with its chilly blanket.

The SF Chronicle actually wrote a good article on the microclimates (and why we have them) of the San Francisco Bay Area – definitely read it. It’s important.

July, probably       Credit –  Dima Barsky

Also the fog is named Karl.






It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a … new year

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I’m not making promises this time. I keep doing that and then not living up to them on here, so no promises unless its a promise to post something and then not post something again for a few months. I could keep that promise. I have historical proof!

It’s a new year and with that usually comes a laundry list of “resolutions” which I throw out after a month and never stick to.

This year I’m following in the footsteps of Rachael Caringella who is an amazing artist that I’ve been following for about 4 years now. You can find her here at Tree Talker Art. She has been choosing a word of the year for a few years now instead of creating lists of resolutions. She talks about her 2016 word of the year here.

After reading her post, I felt really inspired by that idea. Instead of creating that list of things to accomplish and then not living up to it and becoming disappointed in myself, I wanted to choose a word that would inspire my actions in 2016.

My word of 2016 is CREATE.

IMG_1950 (2)

Enter high-school graduation speech quote here:

“Webster’s dictionary defines create :

Create (v):
a. To make or produce something from imaginative skill
b. To cause something to happen as a result of one’s actions ”

yada yada yada…

I chose this word because it can be used in many facets of my life.

I can create new artwork both for myself and for the Etsy shop that I want to create.

I can create a healthier lifestyle by my actions. Those actions being getting active more often, taking walks at work, exercising, eating healthier, etc. Instead of starring at a piece of paper that says that I want to “Work out 5 days a week” or “lost 10 lbs in 2 months”, I’m looking at getting healthy as a new lifestyle. Integrating MORE activity, better foods, and a good work life balance into my every day self.

I’m pushing myself to create art, but not putting a number on it. I’m terrible at numbers and forced creation. For example, I tried doing a 31 day drawing challenge in October. It was really fun and I got some practice in, but some days I wasn’t feeling it and it was forced and fast and I didn’t spend enough time on them. Saying I want to paint at least 3 landscapes a month just won’t happen and I know that because I’ve tried setting similar goals. And then inevitably feel bad about not even getting one thing done or focusing on a different art project.

This year, I will just create. Whatever comes to mind. Whatever I feel inspired to do that day – I’ll do just that. No forced topics, no to-do lists. No feeling bad for spending 48-55 hours scrapbooking and binge watching Nurse Jackie and 0 hours painting. I was creating and that’s what matters (this is how I spent my first 3 days of 2016).

The year is young and I am excited to see how using a word of the year to replace my resolutions will go. I have a good feeling about this.


On painting

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I’m sitting here watching paint dry. Literally. Just watching paint dry.

I haven’t painted much over the last year. My creativity and drive to paint comes and goes – mostly it just goes. Lately I’ve been trying to spend more and more time drawing and painting. I tried taking a drawing class, but it was less structured than what I wanted and needed, so I didn’t do much and skipped more classes than I went to. I hated spending the first hour of class drawing the same slideshow of animals over and over and over and over and you get the idea. I have a larger scale painting (16×20) of Hawaii just sitting around waiting to be finished. I just cant get the greens and the Na Pali coast to appear the way I want it to, so again its just been sitting.

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to force my way out of these ruts and stop just watching TV (other things have helped  not just wanting to lay around… again more on that later.. so mysterious…). I can’t quite place exactly what happened or why, but I  started drawing Mandalas. Oh! now I remember. I bought a coloring book last October in Portland that is more of an adult coloring book. There are more lines and the drawings are more complicated. There are no boobs. It is not that kind of adult coloring book.

I started running out of pages and so headed to the internet to search for more coloring books like it and then found a book on drawing mandalas. I was going to buy the book and then I remembered my job doesn’t pay that much and I live in San Francisco and I have the whole internet at my fingertips. I have the perfect square smooth watercolor paper for creating mandalas. They have helped me get back into drawing and art and also are a major stress reliever. I’ve loved doing them so much that today I decided that I wanted to paint a larger one in acrylics, so that is the paint that I’m waiting for to dry.

When I started this particular mandala, it didn’t look perfect. I almost gave up.  I thought to myself – why am I painting this? I paint landscapes and flowers -something tangible that people can see and know what it is. Why am I painting this abstract thing? And why am I not making it perfect and intricate? Why am I just making it simple and letting my lines go wonky and not measuring my circles out perfectly. I almost stopped.

Then I realized what my issue has been with art all along. I’ve never done it just for me. I’ve always done it for the final product. I’ve always wanted to make sure that I created for an audience. That someone else was meant to enjoy my painting so it needed to be perfect.

Why was I doing this? Isn’t the purpose of art really and truly for the artist them self above anyone else? I mean, I know that not every work of art was created solely for the artist – there are commissions and jobs that involve art and all that jazz,  but really the work that started it all and that someone goes home and does to relax, isn’t that just for them? If someone else walks along and likes it, then great,  but it should ultimately be for you.

I went back to work on my painting after this realization. I’m going to finish it and I’m going to keep it and its going to remind me of where I have been and and to compare later when I’ve done a few more and want to see what strengths I’ve developed.

I feel freer. I feel like my little creative soul has been caged and scared all this time to just do things. Just draw shit and paint shit and do whatever I want to do without thinking about anyone else and how they feel about it. So onward and upward to using all of these blank canvases I have to create things!

Its not every day you have a life altering moment. I’m glad I had one today and that my Friday night is being spent watching paint dry and listening to music (I might stop the music and watch the Netflix series remake of Wet Hot American Summer because its funny and Paul Rudd). When my painting is done, I’ll post a final picture and some progress pictures and you all can look at it and like it or not like it, I don’t care. You’re not paying me for it. Unless you really like it and you want to.

In the meantime, here are the terrible (and awesome) mandalas that I’ve done over the past few months for fun.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen +Tombow markers + Faber-Castell Artists Pens with brush tips
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen +Tombow markers + Faber-Castell Artists Pens with brush tips on Fluid watercolor paper – hot press finish 140 lb.
Mandala 2
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen + Watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper – hot press finish 140 lb.
Mandala 3
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Ink (Black) using a quill with watercolor on Fluid watercolor paper – hot press finish 140 lb.
Mandala 4
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen +Tombow markers + Faber-Castell Artists Pens with brush tips on Fluid watercolor paper – hot press finish 140 lb.

Observations from a bike commuter

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I am relatively new to cycling. I’ve had my old, heavy steel framed bike for a little over a year and it has definitely had a positive impact on my life. Daily commutes to and from work are the main mile earners for my bike, but I do occasionally go on longer trips to Sausalito and Tiburon.

I’m a safe biker and a defensive biker. I understand that cars are steel boxes of pain and death. I stop at stop signs if there are cars stopped or approaching. I stop at ALL red lights and wait*. I wear a helmet. I use the proper hand signals for turning especially if there is traffic.

On average, I am almost hit by a car at least twice a day. I’ve had friends actually hit. I’ve been bumped into. I’ve almost taken out someone’s windshield. I’m convinced that drivers here feel that after they pass the driving test that certain laws don’t apply to them any longer.

The biggest issue to me?

Turn signals.

I can’t stress this enough. USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS. They are there for a reason. You have to use them when you learn to drive. You live in a city. There are 0 reasons why you shouldn’t use them. I know, it is very hard to comprehend, but no one is a mind reader here. Cyclists. Pedestrians. Other drivers. We don’t know that you’re turning left unless you tell us. We don’t know that you’re going to try and parallel park unless you tell us. How do you let us know? You use a turn signal. These following rules for using a turn signal are taken from the California Driver Handbook:

  • During the last 100 feet before reaching the turning point (left or right turn). Caution!—Even though you signal, do not automatically assume that the space you want to occupy is clear.

  • Before every lane change. Check your mirrors, look over your shoulder, and check your blind spot before changing lanes.

  • At least five seconds before you change lanes on a freeway.

  • Before pulling next to the curb or away from the curb.

  • When you change directions.

  • Even when you do not see other vehicles. A vehicle you do not see may suddenly appear and hit you.

I try to be a good cyclist. I’ll go on the right side of a car if its turning left. I’ll go on the left side of a car if its turning right. If it’s going straight, I might be on either side of you depending on where the bike lane is or if I’m turning left. If I’m turning left, I’ll let you know that I’m turning left to by using my left turn hand signal. Trust me, its more dangerous for me to give a turn signal than it is for you, you don’t have to take your hand off the wheel.

I’ve almost been hit by drivers that I THINK are going straight, but actually turn right into me. And then they blame me. It’s not my fault that I didn’t read your mind and know which direction you are turning. No one can. The other day I was biking on the right side of the road along the slow lane on Octavia. This women drives up next to me and then proceeds to kind of smoosh me between cars. Apparently she was trying to park or pull over or something. She didn’t see me. She decided that wasn’t where she wanted to pull over, so she pulled up a little farther ahead. And then again, decides to start pulling over to the side. I had no idea what she was doing. She then almost cuts me off AND smashes me between her and parked cars while I’m unable to do anything and almost flip over the front of her car. When I finally am able to separate myself from the situation and bike on the other side of her car, she doesn’t even notice me. She is on her phone.

Just 15 minutes prior to that, I’m almost hit by a truck that goes through a stop sign.

That brings me to the second biggest issue. Stop signs.

From the handbook:

An eight-sided red STOP sign means you must make a full “STOP” whenever you see this sign. Stop at the white limit line (a wide white line painted on the street) or before entering the crosswalk. If a limit line or crosswalk is not painted on the street, stop before entering the intersection. Check traffic in all directions before proceeding.

This wasn’t the first time I had almost been hit by a car that rolled through a stop sign. Earlier that week, I had almost been hit by a double decker tour bus and then a sports car. The tour bus at least made a show to slow down. The sports car? No, he just bolted through the stop sign almost hitting both me and the other driver taking their turn. He smiled at both of us. These instances weren’t at night, either. They were in mid-day. The truck was the last to arrive at the stop sign on the morning commute. He almost hit 3 bikers and another car. He honked at us.

It’s sad when you hear about fatal accidents involving bikers and drivers. Drivers blame the bikers, bikers blame the drivers.

Who is the real problem? Both. It hasn’t just been drivers that I see break laws or drive recklessly. Bikers do the same. Red lights DO apply to you. Stop signs DO apply to you. Turn signals DO apply to you.

There can be more to this rant, but for now, I’m just going to leave these here. 

The bottom line is really that drivers should use turn signals and actually stop at stop signs. Bikers? Do the same. It could save a life.

*Cyclists: You CAN get a ticket for this. It’s expensive. I’ve watched it happen. I suggest stopping next time. It is the law, after all. Don’t be a dick.

The decline of my good opinion of San Francisco

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On October 10th, I will have lived in San Francisco, California for 2 years exactly. I would say that it has taken me a year and 7 months to slowly start to dislike SF. I know, I know. It is a beautiful city and I agree. It really is!  Its just… where to begin.

If you live here, have thought about living here, are apart of, or follow the effects of the tech boom here in SF, you have probably read multiple articles about the gentrification of San Francisco and the changing culture. In June of 2012, an article about the tech boom and its possible political effects as well as its effects on the culture of the city was published in wake of Twitter’s headquarters opening its doors in the city limits instead of choosing Silicon Valley like its other huge tech counterparts like Google and Apple.

When my friend first sent me the second article, I read through it and while I could sort of see where it was coming from and that these may be viable concerns, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea that San Francisco was changing. After all, I had only been here for less than a year at that time and I knew all manner of artists. In my mind, it was still the place to go for people who want to work for non-profits while being actively involved in the fine and performing arts. Where people could meet like minded individuals and share an experience. Not talk about what they do, how much they make, and what new tech company they were working for.My rent was relatively cheap at $600 a month. I shared a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 others. We had a huge kitchen, everything was clean and tidy, and we had the most amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

A year later, its a different story and this transformation of the city is what is giving me a bad taste in my mouth and when it comes down to it, I’m out.

I miss living in Berkeley, but alas, I think that even moving across the bay yet again won’t change the fact that I am over this area. I’m over California. I’ve been working in the service industry for almost a year in this city and in that year, and I can see that everything has changed. People have changed. The clientele has changed. The vibe has changed. Not just in my bar, but everywhere. The people I want to be around are feeling to Oakland. I should flee back to Oakland.

I never used to feel totally agitated when going out in public – especially down town. Now? I hate it. These feelings of dislike toward the techies may have a little to do with the guy that called me fat and other things that he said to me and his mannerisms, but I’m seeing that everywhere.

But when  it all come down to it, I really just can’t afford it anymore. No one in the service industry or arts or non-profits can. All of my friends in those industries are packing up and heading out to places like Daly City and the Oakland Hills. Rent is cheaper. Commute time? Way longer. And we don’t have those shuttles taking us to our jobs like those at Google and Facebook do. We get to cram together on BART and Muni with the tweakers and guys who take a dump on transit. I kid you not, that happens regularly.

And then we get to go to our jobs and get treated like we’re less than anyone else because we’re serving them drinks and food, and not programming the next app that will allow your farts to download straight to your nose (that right there is a South Park reference).  I know I sound a bit bitter here, but today I had a tech guy come in, order $50 worth of food, and he tipped me a penny. Thanks, dude. Oh, and right after that I had a whole group from some tech start up come in, all order food and at least one beer, and 3 of them left me a hefty $1 tip. She asked if they could reserve a group of tables once a month. I said maybe. I don’t need to go out of my way for you if you’re not tipping me.

Tip your servers. Even if you’re ordering at a register.

Anyway, I need to go.

This place isn’t for me anymore. I’m not feeling the love. I’m feeling the cold embraces of Java (the code kind, not the delicious beverage kind) and python (the code kind, not the snake kind) … if Java and Python could could hug. I’m sure someone could program a digital hug. If they did, I’m guessing it would be cold.

I’m sure there are others out there that feel like I’m just bitching because I can’t cut it out here in this tech industry laden city. You might be right. I have been struggling for work for the last two years, but I’ll have you know I know how to code and I have a degree in engineering. I just chose not to follow that path and to go a different way with my life. It has been a struggle, but it has made me who I am today. I’m ambitious, but not for the car or the fancy apartment, but to find a position at a place that I want to wake up and go into almost every day. Maybe think about the fact that I don’t want to. I’ve had interviews at start-ups. I’ve visited one of them and was ultimately turned down, but the more I think about the people I would be working with, the less excited I was to work there.

They are my peers now. They are who live in this beautiful city. It’s not artists. It’s not musicians. It’s not bartenders crafting delicious concoctions at off the grid bars. We just can’t afford it. Rent in most places is double or tripling. Landlords are slowly booting people with rent control so that they can live in these locations for 6 months, and then rent them out for even greater sums.

If you think I’m crazy, check out this amazing infographic on how many minimum wage jobs you need to live in each part of the city.

I’ll tell you that I have a full time job and two part time jobs, and its not going to be enough to pay all of my bills AND save. I have not one, not two, but 5 roommates.

I have no interest in living here any longer. I’ve been here for almost 2 years. I have a 6 month gig starting next week. In 6 months? I’m gone. In a way, it is a bit unfortunate as one of my best friends just moved here from Boulder (She opted for Oakland). But I need a change. I need to get the bad taste of the City by the Bay.

My next stop? I’m thinking Seattle. There is a 6 month to a year long paid internship I have my eye on. I’ve been told by everyone that knows me and understands me and that has been to Seattle that I would love it there and thrive there. I think that city loves me more, too. I’ve tweeted about Seattle twice. TWICE. I have 4 influential followers from Seattle now. I don’t think I have that many from SF and I’ve tweeted about it many many times.

Here I come, Seattle… in 6 months.

*Update: Here is an article from June this year which describes perfectly my feelings toward the changes in SF’s culture. Read it.

So… a guy called me fat.

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Lets set some things straight here.

I’m a little over 5’2″. On a good day, I’m 138 lbs. On a bad day, 142 lbs – bad days are that gross time before that time of the month where I just feel massively bloated. My legs are really long. ‘Short’ Pants are too short. My inseam is about a 34 – which is long for a girl of my stature.

Here is a picture of me trying on dresses for a wedding this weekend. I think I rocked it. (PS, I’m not wearing this dress. I’m wearing a different one that is more wedding appropriate)

photo (1)

About a month ago, this dude I was semi-seeing told me that he didn’t want to get intimate with me anymore because ‘I’m not his type, sexually, because of my height.’.

I was a little offended by that, but you know, nothing I can do about it, so I started moving on and seeing other people. But its the 21st century, and so I continued ‘dating’ this guy. Why? I honestly don’t know. I was told by several people that they didn’t like him and by dating, I mean we did things together like going to outside lands and cooking and sometimes held hands, and usually ended up in the same bed, but you know, for sleeping and that’s about all.

So we were discussing pictures of me throughout my college years when I was experimenting with hair color and had my lip pierced and he decided to comment on my height compared to all of my other friends. So I jokingly made fun of him for commenting on my height and not anything else like the drastic physical changes I went through hair and lip wise. And then we got to pictures from freshman year of college and he told me he liked one of me in my dress at a formal because I ‘looked really skinny in it’.

Ok, boy, you’re treading on thin ice there.

And then it happened.

“You know, can I be honest for a minute here. It’s not your height that bothers me, it’s your weight.”

He didn’t tell me this in person either. This was on gchat. If he did, fist to balls right there.

You never tell a woman she is fat. If that is the reason you’re not into her anymore, don’t say that. Ever. I was floored. He said he was really sorry that he was shallow about it and that he didn’t know what to do.

My response to this was ‘Go F*ck yourself and never speak to me again.”

I guess it’s a good thing though that he was that brutally honest. It gave me a wake up call and a good out. Its what I needed to say goodbye.  It’s not the first time he has insulted me and I’ve let it slide, but still held onto resentment or still been bruised by the comment weeks later. He’s insulted my job (I’m a bartender) and has generally been not the best person to me despite telling me I’m his closest friend here in the Bay Area. If your someone’s closest friend, they generally should put some effort into seeing you. If you’re having a bad day, and they tell you they will talk to you later about it, they would talk to you later about it. 

Sorry, this is turning into a rant about everything that I resented or didn’t like about this relationship and thats not what I want to do. I have to completely let it go and move on.

What I really want to say is never tell a girl her weight is an issue. Especially if she really isn’t that fat and isn’t unhealthy. Its just how my body is and how it always has been and I was comfortable with it. The problem is that this comment is still bothering me a week later and I really don’t see an end in sight to the hurting it is causing.

I’ve been told by two different amazing people that I am in charge of the way I feel about something. I’m the one who is in charge of the way things effect me. I need to use this anger and this hurt to work on myself. Not to work out to look hotter in the eyes of this one man, sorry, boy. But to feel even better about who I am and feel confident again. My confidence has slowly been fleeting after interactions with this guy and I don’t think I’ll be able to truly find someone i can be myself with until I love myself and feel comfortable and confident in the body I have.

This sounds easy, but I know it won’t be. Its hard not to dislike your body especially as a woman with the ‘sexy’ norms pushed at us in the media. But I don’t want to get into that. Really I just want to talk about how this last week has made me realize that I was losing sight of myself again and how I really need to think about what I need to be happy with myself before introducing another person into it.

It wasn’t just because of him, either. The last two months have been stressful and not the most productive for me in terms of self discovery /self rejuvenation or overall just figuring out what I want right now. I realized – with the help of the movie Lola Versus – that working on myself should be the most important thing to me right now and that I really need to find my direction.

In the film, Lola (Greta Gerwig) goes through a nasty break up after her fiance breaks off their wedding weeks before the event. She then goes to destroy her relationships with her friends and lose herself in the following few months. At the end, she realizes that she needs to rebuild her friendships, and take a step back from being with someone to really evaluate her life and discover herself.

So that’s what I need to do for a while and see where life takes me.

“I’m taken. By myself. I just gotta do me for a while.” – Lola Versus

My trip off of the face of the planet

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Greetings, dear readers.

Before anything else, an apology. I’m so very sorry that I have been gone so very long. I would assure you it was for good reason, but I’ll be honest. Part of it has been for good reason and part of it is just because I haven’t had time to sit and think about anything to write. I don’t think that is a good enough reason. You might, though!

I’ve had some things I’ve wanted to say, but I think I’ve left them too long ago to do them any justice now.

What have I been up to? Lets see.

Well, I moved. That’s probably the biggest thing. Oh well and I have a full time job. Another big thing. But its a big thing I really don’t want to talk about. I realized I mentioned the new job in my last actual post that wasn’t photographs or artwork. Right now I work in a zoo doing events. It sounds awesome. There are many awesome aspects of it.

That being said, new topic.

I moved to a new house in San Francisco. I love it. I had missed living in the city and now I am back. Conveniently, I live in the neighborhood where I do a lot of things like go to trivia on Monday nights and play Frisbee on Sunday nights. I have 5 wonderful roommates. Sounds like a lot, but I assure you we aren’t all home at the same time and its a big space for 6 people (2 floors, 2 living rooms, and we even have a guest room!)

Oh, and by the way, its bright pepto bismol pink with hot pink trim. Oh baby.

Hmm… what else. Oh yeah.. Love life status: None.

Not none as in no change, but none as in there is 0 love life going on. I broke my new years vow and jumped back on OkCupid. Ugh. I don’t know why I decided to do that. My friend encouraged me to stay there for a bit and see what happens, but all it does is frustrate me. I don’t think I will ever understand why guys get offended or so angry with you for not returning messages or being interested in meeting up with you. I don’t know, maybe its because you’re too intense!?

I’m taking online classes through Coursera and EdX. We’ll see what happens. I’ve tried taking a few in the past, but have gotten too busy to finish them. This time, I chose some subjects that I’m really interested in or at least that I think I should definitely know more about. The one I am taking is on Data Science. I have to program. I hate programming. Actually, you know what, I don’t hate it. The satisfaction from finally getting your code to work (in my case, simple code) is kind of fun. I think its also fun to try and figure out the puzzle of the random jumble of letters and symbols and how that can possibly make computers do something.

Anyway, I’m taking a data science course, a course on global health and epidemics and an art class. At first, I was taking the data science course for the wrong reason. I’ve since discussed it  with myself and we’ve determined that it is a great idea to continue and that I should completely forget about the initial reason for taking it and move the f*** on. Maybe more on this later. Who knows. This topic is personal and not something I feel entirely comfortable airing on the internet for everyone.

While we are on the topic of education, I was wait-listed at the one school that I applied to for graduate studies. In the end, I think its a good thing. While I think I know what I want to do, I’m not entirely sure. I think it will be a good idea to take another year and really think about it and see what happens. I don’t think I would be ready to just up and go to Budapest in the next few months. Even if I am taken off the wait-list and accepted, I wouldn’t qualify for scholarships or a fellowship.

I want to come back and revisit this whole wait list thing again. I promise I will. I have a lot to say on that and a similar subject. I know that I always say I’ll come back to a topic and never do, but this time I actually will. I already started that post.

Tomorrow is my day off. I have a phone call with the director of an organization that I am very interested in working for at some point in time in my life. We’re going to discuss volunteering/internship opportunities for me. I’m quite excited. This org has had my eye since I moved out here and I’m finally doing something about it.

Again, soon you will get more from me about other things! So detailed, I know.

Until then, Lets Go Pens.