About the Title

I’ve had a few people ask me why I’ve named my blog PaperballPotluck.

Think about a potluck. I know that this is a very American word. For my readers and followers (I sound like I’m leading a cult) outside of the U.S., a potluck is a dinner where a bunch of people gather at one person’s house for dinner and everyone brings a different dish to share. Here is the definition from Urban Dictionary:

An event where people bring a different dish each in order to create a complete meal. From the time when people would only eat stews. Each person would bring a bit of food to put in the stew.

Now think of a trash can as the venue for a potluck, but instead of bringing food and just throwing it into the trash can, it’s ideas, thoughts, drawings, whatever you want. Things that are first drafts and rough drafts, quick sketches, ridiculous ideas, anything. Think of it as what your trash can would look like if you started working on a book or a drawing 100 times and just crumpled the paper and threw it in that general direction.

That is a paperball potluck. It’s a smathering of random ideas and stories all throw toward one general direction – in my case, this blog.

I have had one guest post and really hope to have more in the future, so that would even fit the title even moreso than what I think the content of my blog does now.

Maybe I’m just really bad at coming up with names and chose two words at random that start with the same letter.


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