I’m back! For real this time.

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Remember that time around a year and a half ago when I promised to write more and then didn’t? I remember that too.

I’m going to make that promise again and this time I actually mean it.

I’ve been thinking about writing again for a few months now. About 2 months ago, I even had a new post written. When I went to publish it, it was deleted accidentally and I didn’t have the motivation or heart to write the entire thing again and so I went back into hiding.

I was finally pushed over the edge when I was attempting to write a personal and project statement for a grant application. I quickly realized my writing is terrible. I’m forgetting words. I’m forgetting how to form coherent sentences and have them move together in a fluid collection of thoughts. Again, I’m forgetting words.

Other factors include actually having things to write about and finally having the energy to actually do things again – even just sitting at a computer writing. More on this fun topic to come.

I guess I always say that too – more on this to come! And then never follow through. Another promise that this time I actually will do that.

I’m also in the middle of doing a lot of things – my job is intense due to team members maternity leave, I’m in the middle of applying for a prestigious grant to go live in another country for 9 months, and job hunting. Always on the prowl for that. There are few more enjoyable ways of procrastinating and getting other non-related topics out of my head than writing.

And so, I shall try and write at LEAST once a week? Maybe at least once every 2 weeks. With that said, so long for now!


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