A Letter to Valentine’s Day

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Dear Valentine’s Day,

Let me start off by saying that I don’t hate you. I really don’t. You’re not my favorite holiday, but you’re not the worst. I think secretly any girl really wants her crush or boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife to get her some flowers and chocolate and tell her he/she loves her. Personally, I would like some quality craft beer – preferably from Uncommon Brewers which you can get at most Whole Foods (I asked them) – and some quality movie time and maybe a homemade meal. Pizza also works. Just food. Food in general. Movie wise? Star Wars Episodes IV-VI will do just nicely.

Those are hints, by the way.

I do, however, really need to talk to you about one thing. The reason why most single ladies really don’t like you. Its your effect on the male mind and logical thinking. It is endlessly frustrating that we have to tip toe around our crushes or maybe that special someone we’ve just started dating. Suggest a date during the week of Valentine’s day? NOPE! I don’t know what it is and who exactly ruined it for us, but suggesting any sort of hang out time the week of Valentine’s Day somehow automatically triggers the idea into the young man’s mind that oh no! They want to get serious! I have to get her something for Valentine’s day. This is just too serious for me.

In reality, we’ve probably forgotten what day it is, what week it is, hell sometimes what month it is. Its mostly just another day for those of us who have been endlessly single and just casually dating for the last few years. It really is Just.Another.Day. This week, it’s a Thursday. I’m particularly jazzed that there is a new episode of Archer tonight.

Want to sit down and discuss the state of your open relationship or casual dating with someone you may be developing feelings for? Wait until March. Really want to see that guy you’ve just started seeing? Yup. Wait until Monday next week. Even the weekend is in too close proximity to Valentine’s day. Especially this year when it does fall at the end of the week.

So, Valentine’s Day. That is my beef with you. And I’m sure many a lady can back me up on this. What is it about you that flips the ‘serious relationship’ or ‘commitment’ switch in a male mind? What is it that leads them to believe that because a lady wants to be graced with their presence for a beer and some conversation anywhere near February 14th, that they have to think about putting a ring on it sometime in the next few months.

Whoever started this, make it stop. Its endlessly frustrating.



P.S. Roses are the worst (sometimes). I prefer tulips.



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