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Last week, I learned a valuable lesson. If it’s a big, well known venue in San Francisco and its not a Monday through Wednesday, buy a ticket to a show ahead of time in a city that loves live music. Since last Wednesday the 29th after I learned one of my favorite bands was going to be in town (Song Preservation Society: Check them out.), I had a game-plan. I was going to work until 5:30, head to the area near the Independent and chill until the SPS concert. After their set ended around 10, I was going to head back to BART and head to The New Parish to see an acquaintance’s band perform for one last time before he moved to Greece.

As I should already know, I will inevitably do SOMETHING that will hinder my plans. Tonight was no different. I forgot my wallet at home. Which wouldn’t have been TOO much of a problem as I had cash from tips for the tickets for the shows. Alas, it was a 21 and over show, so I needed my ID. BLAST! Its ok! I have time to run back home, snag my wallet, throw on some pants not covered in beer splatter, and head back to the show!

I mentally needed this night. I needed a night of amazing music and great friends and hopefully DANCING!

One of this happened and most didn’t.

SOLD OUT – NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR. This is the Facebook message that greeted me at home for the show at The New Parish. Lame. It was a big deal though with Zoe Jakes from Beats Antique dancing for a well known Balkan brass band. So that furthered my resolve to yet again make the hour journey to the concert venue for the first show. Which I did. And was greeted by a lovely sign at the box office: SOLD OUT.

Yup. no luck.

My friend showed up 5 minutes after I did, and guess what! she didn’t have a ticket either. And neither did HER friend that showed up 5 minutes later. But its OK! My sanity was saved – not by music, but by a lovely smoothie and nice walk back to BART alone Hayes with my good friend and a new friend. In the end, I managed to save a load of money too.

It really was just what I needed. Starting in around September of 2012, I started to sink back into depression. It wasn’t too quick, but it happened. December was probably the worst. I don’t really want to go too far into it because I’m not really ready to, but I said a lot of things and treated some people who I hold very dearly, pretty poorly.

2012 was a rough year. My new years? The first amazing one in a long time. No midnight kiss, but a kiss at some point. Great beer, new friends, and an all around great time. So I’ve been trying to see the bright side of things and to really get jazzed about life and about myself again. My friend I met up with for this show was the first new friend I made when I moved here and she is very dear to me. We hadn’t seen each other in several months, and to see her again was amazing! Not only that, but to spend just a little time with her and to go frolicking around the trees outside of city hall near Civic Center was exactly what my heart needed to stay elated.

I’m ready for 2013. I’m optimistic. I have a good feeling about how things are going to go. So far, big things have happened for others, and I think this is my year too.

Lets do this!


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