Antique stores and nighmares

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I’ve tried very hard to avoid reddit. I really have. My friend has forced me a few times to just close the window and walk away. Just forget about it and move on. Part ways. It’s a dangerous and unhealthy friendship full of hours spent on the couch in your underwear. Allegedly.

Last Sunday, people of the internet, I spent 3 hours on reddit. THREE HOURS. That is three hours of my life I could have been finishing Neuromancer or reading the news or reading science!

Hi, My name is Mattie and I am addicted to Reddit.

My favorite part is Ask Reddit. I love when people tell their stories and some of the bizarre questions that people ask. On Sunday, I stumbled on a gem! “What is the creepiest thing that you’ve ever experienced?”

I’m a creepy person (not like a lurker) and I like creepy things – really dark comedies, horror movies, and the Sandman graphic novel to name a few. I’ve promised myself to never create a username and to contribute to threads on Reddit. Its the one thing saving me from falling into the eternal abyss. I wanted so badly to share some of my creepy stories, but alas, I held back! And then decided to share them on my blog.

Side note: I also wanted to contribute to the thread discussing creepy compliments you’ve received. I live  in San Francisco – if the compliment isn’t creepy, then you’re doing it wrong. I’ve had some good ones and am compiling them into a post.

I’m not sure which story to start with and this most likely will evolve into multiple posts as I type – no one likes reading lots of words. There are three separate categories of creepy events in my life – dreams, dreams meet real life, and real life.

I guess I can start with real life as those are not quite as interesting, but still weird and less of creepy experiences and more of just episodes where I have an overwhelming feeling of dread and sometimes hatred. I still don’t know how deeply I believe in the paranormal, but I think there are spirits of some sort hanging around, or at least bad vibes from things and negative energies. There were two instances in my life where I’ve felt like I needed to not be where I was.

The first was when I was in 12th grade. I was at region band in Harborcreek, PA which is an area near Erie, PA. For band festivals, local families would host the students from out of town and make sure they got to rehearsal on time, etc. I was split up from the other two girls from my school. The house was situated in a heavily wooded area which isn’t unusual for that part of Pennsylvania. My room was a small cute bedroom which was definitely a boys room and facing the bed was another door. The other girl was taken down the hall to a room at the end of the house and her bed was facing a window.

Up until this time in my life, I never slept with lights on. I couldn’t. My room at home needed  to be pitch black. When the moon was full and the sky clear, I was known to draw my blinds so that I could sleep better.

After this house, I will never be able to sleep alone in a dark room again.

Sorry if you think that I’m going to go into detail about how I woke up and a dark figure was looming over my head or how the couple was crazy and tortured us. None of that happened – they were both very sweet. The room felt like I would open my eyes and someone should  be standing near the door to the other room. I felt that if I turned the lamp off, that I would experience something I didn’t want to experience. The other girl in the house told me in the morning she too slept with her light on. She said her room felt off and that she thought someone was going to appear in the window all night. After those 4 days, we both looked ragged from the lack of sleep.

The second time I was hit with similar feelings it was in Ireland and it was significantly more intense. My mom and I were wandering around Galway. She loves antique stores. I’m OK about antique stores. She found one and we both went in. The front of the shop was piled with things as most antique shops are. We wandered around the stacked isles and everything and found our way to the back room. I followed my mom in. The room felt instantly colder than the outer room, which is understandable as the sun couldn’t reach this back part. There was nothing small and claustrophobic about the room either. It was large and stacked with stuff much like the front area. But about 3 minutes after walking into the room and not even making it more than 50 feet into the room, I just felt that I had to leave. I had to leave that instant and felt that it would be a very very bad idea for me to stay in the room any longer. I started breathing a little heavier. My mom asked what was up and I just told her that I needed to leave and something didn’t want me in there any longer. She looked at me, nodded and said OK. Lets go.

Didn’t question me. Didn’t tell me I was ridiculous. Just took my lead and walked out with me. As soon as we had left, I felt instantly better.

Sorry, those stories were boring.

I promise the next one won’t be.

So lets talk about dreams. Not just any dreams – two dreams in particular. I’ll make my recurring nightmares a different post.

These dreams both ‘came to life’ the next day – sort of.

The first is slightly less freaky than the second. I was in high school and reading the Sword of Truth book series. The night before a ski club trip, I had a dream that I was camping with friends. There were 2 cabins and a fire pit and oddly enough a few chickens scattered here and there. As the dream progressed, I learned that the one chicken wasn’t really a chicken and was killing the other chickens to stay a chicken. I found it drinking the blood of a chicken. Once he had slaughtered all the other chickens, it attacked the humans. I woke up as my friend, covered in blood, was being dragged away by the chicken. Gross, I know.

The next day my friend brought the next book in the series for me. I started it that day. The first chapter was set in this village with the two main characters. There were chickens. One chicken wasn’t really a chicken and was attacking the other chickens. At the end of the chapter, Richard walked into a room where there was a body of a dead guard who was killed that day and the chicken was on his face pecking at his eyes.

I hadn’t read anything about the beginning of the book – I didn’t know prior to that day what was going to happen. The whole time I was reading it, I was flipping out on the bus. Weird stuff.

The second time was more intense.

I was at another camp. This time it was near  a lake. The lake isn’t relevant. I was in this cabin and doing who knows what when I heard someone yelling something outside. I left the cabin and wandered down toward the lake where the yelling was originating. It wasn’t screams – there were formed sentences. I found my mom sitting by the lake (I hardly ever dream about people I know). She was holding a blanket in her hands and just saying over and over again:

“Mattie. It’s dead. The baby is dead. It’s dead”

There was no dead baby anywhere in the dream, thank goodness. I woke up and then called my mom and asked her how she was and if work was OK. She is a nurse in the OR and was on call the night before.

“Mom, did you get called in last night?”


“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, it was just a rough night. We had an emergency C-section”

“Oh. Boy or Girl?”

“Boy. It was a stillborn. It was really sad.”

I had to tell her about my dream then.

Weird, right?


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