Guest Post: Poetry Corner

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Remember my friend who wrote this silly and wonderful poem about the letter W? Well he keeps sending me poetry and I love it. So I’m told ask him that I want him to give me at least one poem every two weeks for my blog. It might turn out to be every week, but we’ll see.

P.S. I need a more clever title for his poetry updates. Ideas welcome!

Here is his latest creation:

I stare into the cozy shop
watching him at work
the aged man, fingers deft at his duty
swift yet unhurried
his movements metronomicly precise

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! I start, afraid
He is but testing his work
The clock I have watched him craft these many nights
Beauty, seemingly sprung from nothing
Like Athena, cleft from Zeus’ patrician dome

I watch him at his task
As he sets things to rights
Alles in ordnung! All is in order
Nothing misplaced, misused, forgotten
I watch him each evening,

Chasing any advantage, seeking inspiration
An insight into this ordered, beautiful mind
Shivering I spy through the frosted window
Desperately searching for truth
Were I to walk in he would greet me warmly

Offer a portion of himself to me, free of charge
And in this moment I hate him
I leave him to his order and trudge home
Past the corralled animals
Trying to find a beginning in my chaos

To be like him, to be safe
I sit. Scarcely daring to breathe
Yearning to reach out, to change
My thoughts, chasing one another
What of failure? Success?

How can it be so easy?
Can the others not realize the significance
Of a beginning? I must think.
No wrong moves. No moves.
Self flagellation my only action, for my inaction

Reveling in the pain of my self-loathing
The end rushes towards me
Reward for my failure
They will come for me tomorrow
The others, and take me

The uncreative one, a sacrifice
To hang from the All-Fathers tree
The yearly cost of our presence here.
I find myself in the dark and the cold
Making one last visit

But the warm light is gone and the shop
The pens – are empty
They will come for me
When the work is done
And I am alone.


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