GUEST POST: “Pompous Wordplay”

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I have a friend – S. Sometimes he writes poetry. I ‘stole’ this poem from him. Not really. I asked first. I’m really bad at stealing apparently.

I have been quite grumpy lately. There is a long list of reasons and none of which I’ve written about recently but might soon. I try to make it a rule to not write about people I regularly interact with – even if its just a funny story about them which is basically what I’m keeping in.

Anyway,  S told me that he wrote a ‘frivolous’ poem. I immediately wanted to read it because I loved his last poem about the ocean. Maybe he’ll be nice enough to let me share that one as well. This one made me laugh – something that was needed quite badly today.

See if you can catch the Dead Poets Society reference.

Pompous Wordplay

I like the letter W
Wyverns in the skies
Whiskey, women, whimsy
west highland terriers eyes

And don’t forget our lit’rature
Walt Whitman, Walden, Wilde
and without dear W
Keating’s class is ne’er beguiled

W isn’t perfect
“Worship” springs to mind
Someone said he walked on water
and so we subjugate all mankind

I feel like a woodpecker
hands hammering at the keys
but better than a Walrus
if only for my self esteem

W loves the winter
wassailing fills the air
well wishes for the season
a chill upon the air

Would and why, where and who
we ask these every day
and were it not for W
what would we have to say?

we wouldn’t have whales you know
were it not for double you
crashing splashing whooshing whales
And now you see it too!

Yes W is wonderful
i truly wish it well
and not like stupid hipster P
I’ll see that douche in hell

One thought on “GUEST POST: “Pompous Wordplay”

    Guest Post: Poetry Corner | paperballpotluck said:
    August 9, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    […] my friend who wrote this silly and wonderful poem about the letter W? Well he keeps sending me poetry and I love it. So I’m told ask him that I […]

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