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A wonderful and big Thank You goes out to Kayi, Zara, and their lovely mom Phillipa over at World of a Platter for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award. Please check out their lovely blog!

The rules for the award are simple. I have to mention those who nominated me, write 7 things about myself, and then nominate 15 others who I feel have wonderful, inspirational, interesting blogs.

Step 1 is done. Now on to step 2.

Seven things about myself. Hmm… I will try to come up with things that I haven’t shared on here.

1. I was a competitive figure skater for about 14 years – including 2 years in college.

2. I have a massive knowledge of dog breeds. My family’s tradition on Thanksgiving is not to watch or play football, but to watch the Dog Show that is always on after the parade.

3. When I was 11 (I think), I got lost with 2 of my cousins in Boyce Park  in Pittsburgh. We found a cop who took us to our picnic area – first and last time I’ve ever been in a police car (I just knocked on wood).

4. One time I ate sea cucumber and it was gross.

5. I was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show my freshman year of college. I played Rockey. I had never seen it before and that was the last role available. It was a blast and my involvement in the production lasted 2 more years when I was in charge of running and directing the fundraiser.

6. When I was younger – I can’t remember how old – I set up a virtual Hogwarts. I got distracted and never finished.

7. I love Lord Of The Rings. Both the books and the movies. Not counting the re-release of the extended editions last year, I saw the first one 3 times in theaters, the second one twice, and the third one four times.

The other part of the deal is that I have to nominate other blogs. The number is a bit hazy as I found one blog that nominated 7 and a few more that nominated 15. I’ll just start listing a few that really inspire me or that I find interesting and enjoyable and see how many that gets me. I’ll stop at 15. 😉

You’ve Got Nae – This is my friend Janae’s blog. I met her almost 3 years ago when we both embarked on Semester at Sea. This girl is amazing and has inspired me through her writing both to stay positive and to maintain and explore my creative side.

A Confederacy of Spinsters These ladies were Freshly Pressed a while ago. They hail from Texas and write witty posts about dating and life as a 20-something.

Living Lightly – Lexie has been through a lot and has inspired me to push harder and find ways to get out and travel and explore. And she has some amazing photography to show from her travels.

Ugly Renaissance Babies – This is a Tumblr blog. If you don’t know what Tumblr is, it’s a blogging platform that I think was the original Pintrest. Instead of pinning things you like, you can post anything. There are some hilarious ones out there that have general themes like fuckyeahryangosling or the dude who posts all of his Draw Something Photos with his personal spin – He puts Hitler in every photo and writes ‘Ignore Hitler’. ANYWAY, this blog in particular posts photos of either entire works of art or parts of them with particularly ugly babies. It has been featured on Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr, that’s how you know its legit.

36ixty5 – Mike Drummond posts a photo a day. He has some great photography going on here and I originally found him when he was freshly pressed. In case you didn’t notice, I love photography.

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One thought on “One Lovely Blog Nomination

    lexiejrunge1410 said:
    May 24, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Thanks a million for the nomination!! I look forward to following your blog 😀

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