Happy Birthday to me: Bad things come in 3s

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My 25th birthday – May 16 – will go down in the history of me as the worst best (?) birthday ever yet. Remember my post about No Pain, No Gain? It was Freshly Pressed!

Well. This birthday. Woo. It really wanted to test me. Karma or something like that I suppose. But the timing of that post being featured was pretty intense.

First, another friend was hospitalized. He is fine now and at a conference in Ottawa. We thought he would be there for 1-2 days at most, but they had him for almost a week.

That started off the week.

On Wednesday, May 16, my actual birthday, I went to a lovely dinner with my friend from DC, our mutual friend here (who she introduced me to), and her boyfriend. We went to this awesome German place (Suppenkuche). If you’re in the bay area and haven’t been there, I suggest going. Delicious stuff. And you can order a 2L or 5L beer. 5L. Who can drink 5L of beer??

Toward the end of the meal, I had 2 frantic messages from my roommate and called him. For the first time ever, my rent check bounced. There was really no reason for it to, but urged by his pleadings of an overdrawn account, I said my goodbyes and ran home. On the way, taking out $600 in cash so that, when deposited, it would go into his account instantly.

I felt terrible for putting someone else in this situation. I’m hard on myself to begin with but I was definitely full of shame.

Things were put right. I was assured that his bank said I had 2 weeks to cancel the check because they would wait 2 weeks before trying again.

The next day, I waltzed into work ready for my “Friday”. I am only employed part time – well 80% time, so my weekends are Friday-Sunday. Don’t get too jealous, I work on the weekends, too. Just somewhere else.

And then I get a meeting invite from my boss and the director. They want to meet with me at 4:00 pm.

I knew what was happening, I really did. I have seen this coming for the last month and a half. Why people underestimate my brain power, I do not know, but they were surprise that I knew what was happening.

My position was being terminated. New contracts weren’t picked up, old ones were ending with no renewals in site. Of course they couldn’t keep me. They didn’t have to keep me in the dark about it either, but that isn’t something to post on a blog.

I have 5 weeks of work left and 2 weeks of severance. Not bad! Fingers crossed that I can find something in that amount of time.

I’ll take the next few minutes to address questions which I’ve received from friends. If you have confidence that I can successfully secure myself employment or at least know what I’m doing, then you can skip ahead.

No, I’m not moving. No, moving back to Pittsburgh is not an answer just yet as I would need a car. No, I can’t move in with my parents as I would need a car and Crawford County is severely lacking in the job market for anyone not a nurse or in the machinist industry. Yes, I have a plan. It involved sending out as many job applications as I can for just about anything. Yes, I know that waiting tables, bartending (which I REALLY want to do), and anything else like that is a good thing to hold me over in the mean time. Yes, I actually do plan on finding employment like that if I need to. Yes I am networking. Yes I’m doing everything in my power to contact everyone I can to get my resume out there regardless of what they do/what I want to do. That is my plan. Don’t ask “what else”. Don’t ask “and?”. Do I really need to do anything else? Are there other things I could be doing? I’m finishing my Peace Corps application. That is something. You’re getting nothing else from me. If you would like my Resume and live in the bay area, please ask. I’m awesome, hire me.

Ok, I think that just about covers it.

Moving on. Because, yes, I am not done.

So that was Thursday – losing my job. Happy Birthday to me!

I go to bed that night thinking, OK, it can’t get any worse than this. Wrong.

I wake up in the morning to several emails. My bank account is overdrawn. In the wake of everything that happened Thursday, I forgot to cancel the check. Instead of having 2 weeks, it went through the very next day. Great. My roommate makes some calls to see what he can do because it’s still not in his account.

And then he leaves to go camping for 3 days.

Everything is out of my hands, there is really nothing I can do. It kind of is calming to know that I just have to wait and see and go from there.

Things will work out, I’m positive. Maintaining a positive attitude is key. I’ve read The Secret, I know what its all about. P.S. That book, I thought was quite bad and could have been 1/5 of the size that it was. It just made everyone in it sound greedy. I spent my weekend doing positive things – painting, drawing, reading, sitting in the sun. Things that make me feel better.

They say that everything bad happens in threes. I think that I definitely hit those 3. The last 3 days – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were my 3 events. My 3 bads. Things can only go up!



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