What is Cosmo teaching girls these days?

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Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve had 2 issues of Cosmo show up on my door step here in California. Why they are coming to me, I have no idea. They have my name on them, but I do remember canceling my subscription almost 2 years ago.

I had a friend writing for Glamour and mid way through college realized the quality of content coming out of Glamour was far superior to that of Cosmo. I mean, just look at the covers. If you don’t feel like taking the time, then read this past blog post comparing covers of the two.

Just looking at the covers of these two issues just reiterated why I don’t read Cosmo any longer. I mean, look who they have on the cover. April is Megan Fox and the other is the Kardashian that doesn’t look like she fits in with her sisters. The old one. I don’t know her name, I don’t give those b****s the time of day. For some reason, I decided to waste 2 hours of my life today leafing through the two issues. Seriously. What are they teaching girls these days in this magazine!

First and foremost, I’m convinced that Cosmo is just another form of Maxim*. I mean, girls aren’t completely naked, BUT there are a lot of photos where they are in their bra and underwear (I refuse to say panties…. shit I just said panties.. twice!) One where a chick in her underoos is stradeling a dude and its definitely not a classy or tasteful photo.

*I’ve actually looked through a few issues at my dude friends’ houses and the content is generally pretty good and none of the ladies are nekkid. Wow, so kind of like cosmo except for the content. Even in the stories about the ladies on the cover, they are mostly not clothed. Out of the 4 photos of Megan Fox, she is wearing real clothes in one of them – a candid shot of what she feels she looks the sexiest in. The other photos are of her in a deep cut black crocheted whatever, in a 20s flapperesque dress which kind of looks like it would be something a dancer would wear, and with a feather boa positioned by her shoulder making her look like she really isn’t wearing anything else. Khloe (Yes! thatis her name. i think) is in a swimsuit and in the only other large photo of her, wearing nothing but an oversize white button up man’s shirt sitting in bed. Really?

I’ll try and get photographic proof soon, though that is a bit hard without a camera and I’m sure I would get some strange looks taking my issue in to use the work photo copier.

I learned a lot from reading through these two issues (for your reference they are April and May).

It’s OK to be catty or a D-bag. Seriously. Go right ahead and be and act like your a 16 year old in the adult world.  There are sections of the magazine were ladies can tell about catty things that they did so that we can all read them and laugh. And what? Pat her on the back for having guts?  You go girl! Applaud her back stabbing or conniving ways? There is a full page article about a girl (yeah I’m not calling her a woman) who suspected her boyfriend of cheating so she hacked into his email (watched him type in the password and then typed the same thing the next day while he was away), found out he was cheating, and then canceled their 1 year anniversary plans so that she could go hook up with his friend. She ended things with the dude and then posted photos of her and his best friend from that weekend she went to see him so that her ex could see.

By writing about this and not saying anything about how it is kind of wrong to both snoop into your boyfriend’s private things as well as go behind his back for revenge by also cheating (yes it is still cheating even if you do plan on ending it) you’re just telling the teenage girls who read this magazine that it’s OK to act like this. That adult women every day do this sort of thing.

It doesn’t just stop with the girls either. They have a section where dudes can talk about terrible things they did and for the most part they are semi harmless or just a little embarrassing. However, this one guy definitely tipped the bucket. Chad F. from who the fuck cares, was so angry that his roommate yet again used his computer without logging out, that no he didn’t lock his computer, or change his facebook status, but Dropped all of his roommate’s classes and signed him up for weird classes like poetry and feminism classes. His roommate couldn’t change his schedule since it was after the drop period, so he was stuck with those classes for an entire semester. This is probably the worst prank I’ve ever heard of. Not only did he completely waste his roommate’s entire semester which his roommate paid for out of his own pocket, but there could have been and probably were implications with him not taking classes that he should have. His graduation could have been delayed. This little prank probably cost his roommate thousands of dollars. Does this guy feel bad? No. He says he still cracks up when his roommate talks about it.

$15,000 to the Douchbag jar, Chad F.

If you don’t have a hot guy on your arm, there is something wrong with you. Also, its way hotter to pose in photos with a hot guy than food. So starve this summer and make sure you get that hottie!

Speaking of starving yourself, it’s not OK to be any size other than a 0-2.

Not one model in both magazines was maybe more than a size 2. There was one page with swim suit recommendations for someone that isn’t a size 2, but the featured pages were itty bitty models in string bikinis. No wonder girls these days who aren’t even overweight (I’m talking size 4-8 even) feel terrible about themselves. This is not an image you want to be showing the teens who read this  magazine.

Oh and when you’re down to that 100 lbs or so, it is classier/sexier/better if you dress in clothes that show the most amount of skin.

I thought that trend was out? Apparently not. I know it’s summer and all, but what happened to maxi dresses or not bearing your tummy… and everything else you have.

Plus don’t think for yourself and use all of your time and energy to think of ways to please your man! That is why there are pages and pages of sex tips and other articles on how you can make your man’s day a little better if he’s had a rough day at work.

Honestly, what happened to girl power? How does the editor of this magazine feel about month after month, portraying women in these ways? Does she know how the magazine comes across?

I guess it sells and nothing will change, but has anyone said anything to her at all? No one has questioned the content of Cosmo? Maybe someone will find this and take a second look at the next selection of what will be posted and what won’t. My tip, ladies, is to pick up a copy of Vogue, Elle, Glamour, or really anything else and see what is being printed. Maybe pick of a copy of Maxim too to check out what is going on there. You might find out how similar the magazines truly are.


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