An OkCupid Update before some serious business

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I have 2 blog post ideas that will be coming soon, I hope. One of which will take a large amount of information gathering and piecing together – I’m going to practice non-fiction reporting sort of stuff! I’ve been doing some limited work for a start-up and definitely need practice.

With that said, I received a new message from someone on OkCupid that gave me pause – and then the giggles started.

First – his user name: “yngthroatsmasha”

Um what?

I got the notification in my email inbox and you can’t see past the first few lines of the message unless you go to OkCupid’s website. I wasn’t even going to read it until one of my friends asked what it said.

So I clicked on the ‘read more’ link. I’m really glad that I did.

“Hey there. Hows it goin? I’m Odyn. You seem chill. How long have you been in the bay? We should go on an adventure sometime. Can I txt you? All wholesome and gentlemanly of course:)”

The beginning of the message is OK. Nothing really sticks out. I guess you could have explained why I seem chill. I like adventures. Wait what? You want my number? Right from one message you sent? Do girls actually respond to this with their number? Moving on. Oh… Okay. Then of course I should give you my number because you spelled out exactly what you wouldn’t text me. Excuse me, txt, me.

I sincerely doubt that what you would text me would be wholesome and gentlemanly. I’m sure the adventures you have in mind are not in the same playing field as my adventures – actually probably not even in the same category of field anyway.

I resisted the urge to send a response – most likely ‘no’.

Oh, we’re 35% enemies by the way. OkC says “y’all got issues”. I believe it.

I wonder how many people he messaged this to? I wonder how many numbers he has? All questions I want to ask, but will refrain. I kind of want to create a separate account to track information like this – terrible messages, number of responses, etc.

Good social project.




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