The 5 reasons I’ll block your status updates on Facebook

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I hate Facebook, I really do. Why do I keep it? It is a good resource where I can find all my friends and pictures right there. Plus I can creep myself whenever I feel like it. We all do it. I have friends all over the world and it really is the easiest way to keep in contact with them. Needless to say, I won’t be deactivating my profile anytime soon.

Ever since the advent of the news feed, people have found some interesting ways to make me pause and say “do I really need to know what this person is doing?” or “really? again?”

Here are the 5 main ways to get my to stop ‘following’ you on Facebook:

You post 5 rants about your sports team in less than 10 minutes

I love my team, I really do. I try and watch or listen to as many games as I can which has become harder now that I live 3 hours behind their schedule. I get excited when they win. I get excited for big games. I am a little sad/disappointed when they lose. I anticipate the start of free-agency in July and the trade deadline in February. I get excited for draft day. I even have a fantasy team.

I post a status here and there about them – maybe a certain Mike Lange quote at the start of a game (“It’s a great day for hockey, LETS GO PENS” and “It’s a hockey night in Pittsburgh, LETS GO PENS” are my usual go to game day statuses). I most certainly do not post for all 82 regular season games. I get more active during playoffs.

I like when others post pictures from their experience at games or how they feel about trades, but what will cause me to stop ‘following’ you is when you go on rants about players, the team, management, etc. Not just once, but every game and usually non stop throughout the whole ordeal. It’s unnecessary and rude. Ok, so maybe someone made a bad play or played poorly during that game. You shouldn’t be bashing them because lets be honest, if it was you out there, most of the time you would have fallen flat on your face after taking 2 steps on skates. Don’t call for a trade right away because they had one bad game. I especially hate the people that complain about certain players but don’t know their stats.

Its unsportsmanlike for another player (Sean Avery) to bash other players in the league. Actions like this are cause of fans disliking that player as a person. It’s also unsportsmanlike to bash players endlessly on your own team as a fan unless they do something completely heinous like rape someone. Other fans will stop taking you seriously, at least I will.

You post about your pregnancy/babies

Parents or soon to be parents –  none of this is or will ever be “aww” inducing. Maybe a few photos of them being all clean and cute, but one post of baby poo and we’re through. Cute photos are very rare though, mostly people post things that you don’t want to know or see. I won’t lie, as soon as one of my friends gets pregnant, I block their posts. Not because I feel my biological clock ticking, but because shit gets disgusting. Literally. Some of the people that I have blocked, and who I will not name, have posted photos of their children’s diaper contents. I don’t need to know about this. Actually, no one needs to know about this. Your lab partner from freshman year? They don’t care. You’re mom? She probably doesn’t care either.

Not only do people post the most disgusting things about their babies, but they talk about their pregnancies too. I don’t really need to know how you feel every hour of the day. I don’t need to know what pregnancy does to your body. I am probably the only girl out there who finds pregnancy disgusting and creepy, but I’m not the only one who just doesn’t want to know every time something makes you nauseous. I don’t need that special little app to tell me what is going on with your child’s development right now in the womb.

You use Facebook as a personal diary

Some people love to tell you everything that they do and how they feel about life. I use my blog to do that for the most part. Facebook is like reading someone’s personal diary. There is no “Keep Out!” scrawled across the cover with a rainbow pony Lisa Frank sticker. People post their most private thoughts and events on Facebook. I know about relationships, breakups, what they eat, how their run went, etc. I’ve also blocked the obsessive status updaters. Get a Twitter account.

You abuse the soapbox

I made the mistake of posting one political article on my wall about the Komen business. I repeat, mistake. It’s not that I don’t like a good discussion, I do. I don’t run from confrontation about beliefs. I just can’t stand the number of people that are uninformed but who are usually the most ready to give their opinion. Reading through some of the numerous comments just angered me and no one wants to be angry, especially on vacation. I have a few friends who really only post political/current events on Facebook. Which is perfectly fine. I will read them. These people, the ones starting the discussion, generally have their head screwed on straight/have done their research/can defend themselves. I say generally because I have a few friends who have done none of the above.

People love to tell other people how they feel and Facebook is an easy way of getting their message out to all of their friends about their beliefs such as political, religious, or concerning current events like the Grammy’s. It is a wonderful use of social media/social networking. Some just take it too far.

You us it as a burn book or for passive aggressive confrontation

I had one friend who posted non stop about the people he chose to surround himself with. Apparently they are terrible people, or I was lead to believe this. When he wasn’t ranting about sports, or some idiot on the radio, he was bashing other people. Not just celebrities or sports stars, but people he was actually friends with. Granted they probably were not friends at this point or wouldn’t be soon. I’m only friends with 2 people who are currently in high school and I will tell you – these things weren’t coming from them. Hell, more than 50% of my friends are out of college. Why are we still acting like this? Why are we being passive aggressive in facebook statuses? I feel like we’re old enough to confront someone in an adult manner. Maybe I’m wrong.

When you start ranting about the people you surround yourself with, you lose my respect and my attention. Think before you post – what is written online is permanent whether you like it or not. If you really want to get all of something off of your chest – start a blog!



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