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I have a Twitter. (FOLLOW ME! @lijepvuk – it means pretty wolf in Croatian or whatever)

Anyway, about Twitter.

Generally, the few times that I do log on (or is it in? I never remember) to Twitter, I don’t really pay attention to what is trending with those there hash tags.

Today I took a glance down and one in particular caught my eye – the one that is the title of this post.

In case you can’t read what is written because you have the inability to add your own spaces, it says 3 Words That Women Hate.

I’m a woman and I am curious. What three words does the Twitter world feel are the words that women don’t like to hear.

I’m amused. The following are some of my favorites.

@Durtybirdz posted: “You look nice” and then proceeds to add “no, your grandmother on Easter Sunday looks nice, choose a different adjective. “

B*tch please. Be glad he’s telling you anything at all. From my experience with dudes commenting on how a you look, nice is the go-to adjective. I am perfectly OK with that. They don’t have experience telling their man friends “Dude, you look hot” or “dude, you look gorgeous”. So nice  is what you get, and when they say it, they mean it.

@Otizzle87 (I think it’s a guy, he has a picture of soccer players, and not like, a girl picture of soccer players – like a photo of Fernando Torres, but the whole team) tweets these three words: Mathematics, Chores, Breakup.

I don’t even know. Mathematics? Some girls love math! I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. There are many other words that I can’t stand. Cohort for example. I hate that word. I also hate the word ‘panties’. Sexism much? Chores? Um. Right. Maybe when someone says to us ladies “GO DO MY CHORES, BITCH!” Maybe? or if you lose a bet with a sibling and need to do their chores for a month, then maybe the word chore makes your skin crawl. Breakup. I guess only when you say it and we aren’t ready for it. Sometimes its a relief to hear those words from you so we don’t have to do it ourselves. Sometimes, its a good thing. Like when we hear that Ryan Reynolds has recently been through a breakup.

A trend that I’ve noticed and that I find funny: Many people (both men and women) mention something about the lady paying the bill for the night. I guess I’m so used to dating people who are as hard off as I am, that I never have a problem splitting the bill or cover it myself if they’ve paid for quite a few dates.

@BadbxxNisha: Im bou to go to da club with my potna dem baybe.

I don’t even know.

Other favorites:

Many people (boys) chose “babe you prengant?”. Wonderful way of phrasing it. Girls even said it to. actually most often found in this manner: “bae you pregnant”. Who is Bae and why are so many people concerned of her motherhood status? Or did we all copy and paste from the same fool who typoed?

This girl actually hit the flip side, and chose the three words that women actually don’t want to hear, at least unless they are trying.

@Love_Pinky: Congratulations, you’re pregnant.

Look! She even used correct grammar!

And a final round up of the few recurring three word phrases that I found occurred the most through my extremely scientific* scan of all tweets.

*not at all scientific or at all accurate I’m sure since I really just scrolled through quickly and didn’t even scroll through a majority…ok half…ok a forth of the tweets.

“You look fat” – true, we don’t want to hear that unless we’re in the 90’s and you mean PHAT. Then again, could be PHAT if it was not said to you by someone who shouldn’t say these things like your middle school gym teacher or your creepy uncle, Lloyd.

“I love you” – this is usually followed by an explanation of when such as: not after more than 3 drinks or if you don’t mean it.

“Just Calm Down” – or said using other words, but basically meaning this very thing.

“You look tired”

“Send a pic”

and last but not least and because it’s funny:

“are they real?”

Yes.  Yes those bacon strips are real. No turkey bacon, here. Pure pig.

None of these really are the things that I would choose. I will conclude this session of 3 Words That Women Hate with 3 word phrases or groups that I never want to hear.

“Moist” – I hate this word. It is gross. It doesn’t even get paired with other words because it is that horrible of a word that it should be segregated.

“My tampon disappeared”

“No toilet paper”

and finally,

“Ew, Ryan Gosling” – Who would ew that gorgeous, talented man? The devil! That’s who.


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