My 2012 in Films: Part 2 – Films I want to see… somewhere

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Alright. So I already covered movies that I’m going to plan to see in the theater. Now for the list of movies that seem interesting and that I might go see in the theater or might not, but will definitely plan on watching at some point.

If anyone wants to take me to any of these, I won’t be opposed.

The Cabin In The Woods

Yes. Another horror movie. 2012 apparently is the year for horror movies that don’t look too terrible? From what I gather from the trailer, it is a mixture between a teen slasher/horror movie and a sci-fi movie, which is kind of awesome. There is another element than just the spirits out to kill kids who are, surprise surprise, taking a trip out to a cabin in the woods to party. Where have we seen that before? Better question, where HAVEN’T we seen that? I’m convinced the best film with that plot is Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. Funny stuff right there.

If I wasn’t won over by the plot and creepiness of the trailer, then the writer sold it for me. It was written by Joss Whedon. If you don’t know him, watch Serenity and Firefly. Actually even if you do know him, watch Serenity and Firefly. Well first watch Firefly and THEN watch Serenity. Right then.

Its a little known cast and I appreciate that. Movies that are coming out with major names look kind of… well terrible. AHEM Reese Witherspoon… seriously? You made that atrocious movie How Do You Know and NOW this year you’re in This Means War?

Moving on.

Again, this one isn’t one that I’ll go out of my way to see in theaters. If someone takes me, awesome. If not, I’ll catch it eventually.


The Iron Lady

Who doesn’t love Margaret Thatcher AND Meryl Streep? If you combine the two, what do you get? The end of the world? Probably. An awesome movie? I hope so. I loved The Kings Speech. Not that I’m really comparing the two, but it’s always entertaining (to me) to watch films about the struggles of rulers, especially British ones. I really don’t know anything about Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power. I don’t know anything about her struggles, but I’m sure she had quite a few to overcome in her role. While I know that this definitely is not a historically acurate film, it should at least give me a broad idea of what her life was like.

Saucy Minx.


Underworld: Awakening

I love the Underworld movies. All of them. I know that some of them- ahem, Rise of the Lycans – weren’t the best, but I mean seriously? Kate Beckinsale is kick ass. They came before Twilight happened ruining vampire films. The first one will always be the best. I mean, Bill Nighy is in it. He is one of my favorite actors. In this part of the saga, Selene (Beckinsale) leads the war against humans when the Lycan and Vampire clans are about to be discovered. Well, they’ve ganged up against each other, why not band together to take out their anger on the humans? Makes sense. Especially since they are on the verge of totally being wiped out by humans. Yeah, we’re bastards.

I most likely (I won’t) go see this in theaters, but I will anticipate the day that it comes out on DVD. Ok I MIGHT go see it in theaters if someone else pays. Maybe I should write that on my OK Cupid profile: Message me if you want to pay for me to see Underworld with you.


The Woman In Black

I’m just excited to see Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliff in something other than…. Harry Potter? Plus I like scary movies and old houses…. and scary movies about old houses. Not that the plot is really that…. creative. It just kind of looks bad ass?

It comes out in February. Nothing spells out a romantic Valentine’s Day date like a horror movie about a scorned lover.


The Innkeepers

Another scary movie? In a month that isn’t October? Right after another scary movie? YES.

Its the final few days of this old hotel’s life as well… a hotel. The two innkeepers start looking into ghost stories about the hotel and investigated to turn out any paranormal activity. From the trailer, it definitely looks like one of those jump out and scare you movies. I am more of a fan of the subtly terrifying where you really have to think about HOW scary what happened actually is, but I’m not opposed to a cheap jump-out thrill.

Plus, I liked Sara Paxton‘s performance in the remake of The Last House On The Left and from the trailer, I think she’ll do a good job in this one too.


The Lorax

I love funny. I love cute. I love funny and cute when its supposed to be a children’s movie but if you’re an adult, you can totally tell its dirty and even more hilarious. I haven’t had a chance to watch Horton Hears a Who yet, but my brother said it was great. I trust his sense of humor.  I skipped over Cat in the Hat. I hate cats. I totally want to see The Lorax though. All star-ish cast of Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, freakin’ Betty White, and Danny Devito who voices the Lorax – a small, orange, sassy… thing.

From the trailer you can gather that there will be an environmental message. I support that. I remember the outrage over Happy Feet when they made a blatant statement about the environment and issues associate with overfishing, etc. Why shouldn’t they? Commercials and television that children watch promote consumerism, etc. Why not let them learn about the environment and what may happen to furry adorable creatures if things get out of hand or whatever.



This is an Australian film based on a true story. Not just any true story, but based on Australia’s most notorious serial killer – John Bunting. Heavy stuff. He is currently serving 11 life sentences. 11. Wow.

Anyway, this movie is about how a 16 year old boy comes to be involved with this man who married his mother. Definitely not the same genre as The Lorax. I love foreign films. I love heavy films like this.

I haven’t decided yet if this is something I want to see in theaters or not yet. It might be something I prefer to watch in the comfort of my own home. We’ll see!


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Here is where you start to see the weird me if you haven’t gathered that already. This movie is about an old folks home… in India. It looks pretty damn funny. Plus Bill Nighy is in it and we all know by now that I love him. He is joined by some of my other favorite older generation british stars – Maggie Smith (Professor McGonigal) and Dame Judi Dench (um who DOESN”T love her). Dev Patel is in it too. Everyone knows him from Slumdog Millionaire. Everytime I see him? Anwar from Skins. OH! and Harriet Jones is in it too! That isn’t the actresses name, by the way. If you know who I’m talking about, 10,000 points for you.



I love sci-fi and explosions and stuff. This seems to be a pretty bad ass combination of the two and I really only know Charlize Theron from the cast list without looking through their IMDB profiles, so it should be pretty good. Seems to be an interesting take on the origins of humanity.

You don’t get much from the trailer other than there will be loads of action but it’s still early in the year and there is plenty of time for a longer, more indepth sneak peak.


Jack The Giant Killer

Along with being a year full of horror movies, 2012 is really going into the fairy tales too. First not one but TWO movies about snow white and NOW Jack and the Beanstalk. Except… with Nicholas Hoult (Tony from Skins… or I guess everyone else knows him from About a Boy and the new X-men movie but whatever), Bill Nighy (there he is AGAIN), Ewan McGregor, and Stanley Tucci.

I’ll be there.



They had me at “From the creators of Coraline…” It looks like an adorable film about a kid who can speak to ghosts. There are zombies and stuff involved too. The trailer was just a bunch of short clips from the film set to music. I can’t wait for the full trailer to be released.

Should be a good cast too with Leslie Mann (Knocked Up),  Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air), and John Goodman. Definitely looking forward to it.


The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I am not really a huge fan of Jennifer Garner (it’s her voice…. it just gets to me), but this movie looks like it will be pretty good. The couple learns that they can’t have kids, so they go home, write down a whole lot of wishes about what they would want out of a kid, and bury them in the garden… and then a boy appears in the house.

Inspirational. Cute. Good family movie. I’ll definitely try and remember to catch this one.


First Position

I really wish this movie was going to be released to more than theaters in LA and NYC. I’ll definitely catch it when I can, though. These kids are amazingly talented.

IMDB pretty much says it perfectly : “A documentary that follows six young [ballet] dancers as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix.”



Kids. Super powers. Teenage angst. Dark tempers. That about sums it up. I know it will be no Misfits, but shouldn’t be too bad. Definitely better than Sky High. I don’t know anyone in it, so hopefully that helps. Definitely wont try and make my way to the theater for this one… unless someone buys my ticket.


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

There isn’t a trailer out for this yet. It is listed as a horror/comedy movie, which is one of my favorite combinations – again I bring up Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. It is about what happens to Hansel and Gretel 15 years after the incident at the ginger bread house. They become witch hunters! From the new Mission Impossible and especially The Town, I’m a fan of Jeremy Renner. The only thing I’ve seen Gemma Arterton in was Pirate Radio. I love that movie. I don’t remember her character though. Oh I guess I’ve seen Prince of Persia. I don’t really remember that movie and really don’t remember her, but I’m sure she’ll make a good Gretel.


Alright, I’m done going on and on about basically every other movie coming out in 2012. Not really. There are some really bad ones coming out. But now I’ll just list the remaining ones that I’m interested in.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen (Trailer)

Mirror Mirror (Trailer)

Wrath of the Titans (Trailer)

W.E. (Trailer)

Dark Shadows


Snow White and the Huntsman (Trailer)

Rock of Ages (Trailer)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Brave (Trailer)

The Bourne Legacy

Warm Bodies

World War Z

There are probably others… I’ll update this or talk about them later.

I think this is enough film bombardment for now.



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