That’s 2 more nightmares than you want to have in one night

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I’m a vivid dreamer and I dream often. Usually I can remember my dreams from about 5/7 nights a week. Sometimes, though, I’ll go a few weeks without any dreams, but really more often than not, I have a very colorful, interesting dream.

I’ve had lucid dreams, too. Those are fun and usually involve flying. Of course, I can never just fly in my dreams; I have to do that 3 jump thing like Mario. The only difference is that I’m a girl and he is a short Italian man with a mustache and red overalls. I never really dream about people I know either. Sometimes I do. Those get a little freaky. Maybe I’ll talk about it in this post. *Nope, I don’t address this… but I will in the future! I’ll write some posts about past dreams because really people need to know about my dinosaur dreams… and the one involving Martha Stewart.

Really I just wanted to talk about nightmares. I have nightmares a lot. Rarely do they completely terrify me to the point where I can’t sleep nor do I even want to think about going back to sleep. When I was in middle school and high school, I would have recurring nightmares. Specifically three – one involving a mansion and a portrait of a girl,  another involving hundreds of thousands of snakes and my pond at my childhood home and the third involving my mom’s old Monte Carlo and swamp. The final time I had each of those three dreams, they changed.

I remember this specific period of two weeks where I had a nightmare every night. Crazy stuff. I would ride to school in the morning with my friend and tell her about them. She thought I was nuts.

Last night, I had 2 nightmares in a row. They didn’t really keep me up, they just caused me to wake up almost ever 15 minutes for a good 4 hours. I have no idea what caused them, but there they were.

The first nightmare. I don’t even know what was going on. I don’t know how it started. But there was an evil spirit thing. It was in a human body. Sort of? It started in a human body and then it attacked my friend. I say friend because we were on familiar terms. I have no idea who this person was. I love how my brain just imagines people. What they look like. Their personalities. Everything. I should start recording more things like this. The spirit thing then laid down on the floor. It was wearing a zip-up hooded sweatshirt. Dark gray if you must know the color. Then the person part of it disappeared and I THINK it was a skeleton, but I was too scared to pull back the hood. I think if I did, there would have been 0 sleeping that night. After a tussle on the ground with said spirit, I definitely threw him off of the deck/patio/cliff thing at the fictional mansion I was at. That was the end of it. Just threw him like a rag doll. And THAT is why I don’t really count my nightmares as really nighmares sometimes. They just end in hilarious ways.

One time I had a dream that a fur monster lived in my basement. A fur monster is kind of like a yeti. Ok. It’s a yeti. But in my mind, I called it a fur monster. Eventually it came all the way up the stairs. How did I beat the fur monster? I tickled it. It giggled. End of dream.

Moving on.

My second nightmare had a bit more action. We’re talking zombies. Lots of them. It kind of ended like most zombie movies do – most of the group you’re with eventually gets infected and then you are forced to kill them. So really just go watch ___insert zombie movie here____ and that is really what happened. I would suggest Shawn of the Dead or Zombieland. Those just about sum it up right there.

Oh! I just remembered. When my group and I were running from Zombies, we came to a river that was being treated for chemical pollutants, so we were told we couldn’t swim across. I don’t remember the exact science, but we figured out how to neutralize the river to let us swim… Who the hell dreams about chemistry? and zombies? Together? This girl. Maybe I am crazy.

I had a cut on my finger and got zombie blood in it… I woke up right before someone had to kill me.

Go figure.


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