The Ideal New Years Eve

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It is New Years Eve! We are on the very edge of ending one year and beginning a new one. I love new years. It’s a time to forget about bad things that happened in the past year and remember all of the good times. A time to look back and see how you’ve changed and grown throughout those 365 days. A time to celebrate with friends and ring in the new year. A time to kiss that special someone at midnight. For everyone it seems, but me.

I have ta track record for bad NYE plans. I don’t know what I did in this life, or a past life, or hell in a future life that doomed me to have issues with New Years, but it must have been pretty bad. Maybe I’m solely to blame for the demise of unicorns or dinosaurs – who knows. Every year (except for last year) something happens last minute or during the party, etc that throws a wrench in my plans.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my ideal NYE plans. Hopefully over my lifetime, I can cross a few of these off the list!

1. Cabin. Ski Resort. Friends.

I would love to ring in the new year in a cabin at a ski resort. Snow all around. Fire in the fireplace. Hot tub. Friends! Some bubbly. Maybe some snowboarding hotties from the next cabin over stoping by to join in the festivities.


2. Laying out under the stars/camping

Nice and relaxing. Somewhere far from a city so you can see thousands of stars. (They do exist! I’ve seen them). A small handful of friends, 2-4, and again some bubbly. I have a thing for champagne.


3. Peru? Paris? Thailand?

Anywhere fun and foreign. I’ve celebrated two birthdays abroad but never any New Years Celebrations. Maybe I should start planning these things??


4. Beginning of the Universe.

How will I manage this one? The Doctor. The Tardis. Done.


Keeping my fingers crossed that the Doctor shows up on my doorstep sometime in the near future…..


Happy New Year!


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