The New Years Resolution Post

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You knew it was going to happen. How could I not? It’s the end of December and a new year is nigh! WINTER IS COMING!

[Note: I first wrote neigh but then realized right away that I had mistaken an adverb meaning ‘near’ with the sound a horse makes… also I’m a nerd.]

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. I’m going to tell you my new years resolutions that I’m going to attempt to keep, but will most likely forget about in 2-3 months. Don’t worry, some of them are kind of ridiculous.

I will get off my ass and work out. Seriously. Yoga twice a week doesn’t cut it. I need to get a gym membership and I need to start lifting weights again and I need to do cardio. How else am I going to fit into my 4th pair of jeans I brought with me when I moved here?

I will say NO to  becoming a vegan or a vegetarian. Yes this is a goal. I’m SURROUNDED by them in San Francisco. Not that I see anything wrong with that lifestyle. Its just not going to happen to me. I resolve to always work meat into my meals at least once a week. It just tastes so damn good.

I will say YES to fun things. If I don’t have anything going on, if its free/relatively free/affordable and it doesn’t harm my body in any way (of course I’m still going to say no to drugs and walking around dangerous areas at night or jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge), then why should I say no? If I have no other plans, might as well, right?

I will not run a marathon… or even a half marathon. Really I just shouldn’t do that. My knee is bad enough, I don’t need to think that I can actually run 13.3 miles. Scratch that. There is no way I can run 13.3 miles and not get completely and utterly BORED. I hate running. I get way too bored. I can listen to music, but still…. boring. I won’t give in and sign up because everyone else is doing it!

Speaking of jumping on a bandwagon

–  I will not get engaged. So far 2 weddings to attend in 2012 and 2 in 2013 and its only the start of engagement season! Who knows how many engagements will happen on that terrible day in February. You know which one. The corporate holiday that loves to remind me that I’m single. Oh wait, that is all of them. Except St. Patricks Day… that is the perfect holiday for a single lady… and halloween.

I will explore. I want to explore my city. Get to know it. Walk all over it and find new things. One of my goals is to visit all of the parks and squares in San Francisco by December 31, 2012.

I will find a job that I don’t hate. Self explanatory.

I will have an adult bedroom. You heard me. I don’t actually mean an adult bedroom as in a sex palace. You know the bedrooms hidden in the attic or basement that the kids aren’t allowed in? Not that I’ve ever had or ever wanted one of those, but just giving you an idea of what I don’t want. I will have my clothes in a closet and a dresser! I will actually have photos up and art! It will be clean! Most importantly, I’ll attempt to match things. I’m so bad at that… Oh and there will still be fun things in my room too. So I guess it will be a young adult room where I attempt to be an adult, but I’m definitely 4 sometimes.

I will NOT give into the tights as pants trend! This is another one that is hard for San Francisco, too. EVERYONE does it. There is just a lack of pants in this city. I alone will keep the pants as pants trend alive for women in San Francisco! I will uphold the manifesto.

I will stop buying more books than I can read at one time. Its really OK to just buy a few books and read them and then buy more when you have one left, it really is. I just can’t seem to grasp that concept. I must have ALL THE BOOKS.

I will start posting regularly. I promise? Don’t hold me to that.

I will actually start doing creative things again and more than I have in the past. I think this will be 100 times easier when I actually have somewhere to live permanently. But by December 2012, I want my thick sketchbook full, my 2 other art pads full, my paints used, short stories posted on here, and my bed covered in a blanket that I’ve been working on for the last 6 months! And I guess some canvases painted on and strewn about. I do have some people that want art… I should get on that.

I will get my ass out of the country. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been out of the country. I need to change this. Canada doesn’t count. Along with this, I guess I can say that I want to start saving money and that I need to get on buying that sweet ass camera that I’ve wanted for a good 4 years now.

I will actually buckle down and search out options for living abroad, working abroad, and graduate school.

I will finish my Peace Corps application.

Ok. I’m done. I think? I can’t remember.

I have some other ones, but those are personal growth and development goals and I’m not 100% sure I want to share them yet. I probably will at some point though. I should write them down before I forget.



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