San Francisco Lesson #1

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A while ago I posted my San Francisco Lesson #2. I know, I know, it is out of order, but get over it. I’m allowed to think and write in any order I choose. My blog, not yours.

Maybe The Doctor finally found me and stole me away and I’m confused on the time line. Be jealous.

Lesson: When you get on a bus and it is facing up a hill or even down a hill really, and the announcement says to hold on, you had better hold the fuck on.

How did I learn this lesson? Well when I was in San Francisco visiting in the end of March/beginning of April, I was catching the bus near my cousins house with her on our way into town. It was parked up a pretty steep hill. I know what steep hills are, I’ve lived in Pittsburgh. There are very very few steep hills in DC. They are there, but they are short and few and far between.

Anyway. I was going to sit down in one of the seats along the wall. You know, the ones at the front that are facing each other so that you can put them up when someone in a wheel chair needs that space. There was no rail between the last seat in that row and the seats that were in an L shape out from the wall of the bus. Sorry if you can’t picture this mentally… I know it can be hard to comprehend public transportation.

On goes the announcement: Please hold on.

What did I do? I went to go sit down and was definitely NOT holding on.

The bus LURCHED forward and i slid off the seat I was half sitting on and slammed my right side into the edge of the seats behind me and a poor little Asian woman. I felt terrible for many reasons. First, I just slid into this elderly woman. Second? I couldn’t breath and I was in a LOT of pain.

Turns out that I bruised my rib and may or may not have slammed some sort of squishy organ that isn’t supposed to be slammed that hard. I couldn’t laugh because it hurt so bad. Everyone knows that when it hurts to laugh, you just can’t stop laughing. We stopped at West Portal which was not our final destination so I could get pain killers and an ice pack or three. I ended up wandering around the rest of the day with an ice pack over my ribs.

My cousin’s roommate came to pick us up and take us to this event at his school. I had to lay across the back seat with an ice pack on because I couldn’t sit up and the whole time I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING.

We picked up one of his friends too. I felt really bad because I was taking up most of the back seat and he had to put up with me giggling and whimpering at the same time.

I’m such a winner.

My sweet bruise. I don't know why it was all the way down there. Must have hit something weird.

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