Someone stop asking Ricki Lake for guest prompts

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I guess they aren’t that bad. I mean, they are just normal questions. But I have yet to be inspired by a question she has asked… which has been two others. The fear one I suppose was alright. The family one? Not at all!

Ok. I’m done ranting about her. For now. I can’t even picture Ricki Lake. Maybe I’m too young for this.


Passion projects. Am I pursuing a passion project? Yes. Yes I am. It’s called life. Life is something I really enjoy and I’m pursuing it passionately. I get the question. She wants specifics. But I’ll tell you right now, if you know me, you know that I have a million different interests and that I’m pretty passionate about all of them. My next projects that I’m hoping to complete – getting a nice camera and learning more about photography, completing my first short story, finishing a few more paintings/drawings before the end of the year. When I get my clarinet shipped out here, I hope to pursue playing that again regularly pretty passionately.

I guess you can say that I don’t really half-ass anything. Why would you pick up something if you’re not going to be truly passionate about it? There are some things that I’ve tried in the past that I haven’t kept up with, but when I did them, I threw myself into them. Freshman year of college, I joined fencing club never having fenced a day in my life. I went to practice regularly and was pretty passionate about it. Then I started doing something else. I really regret not staying with it, but that is in the past and you never know when I’ll start doing it again!

I could go on and on about other things I’m doing with my time and other things that I’m pursuing passionately, but I won’t bore you.

My life. Final answer.


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