I’ll just close my eyes…

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I know that I’m late on this post. Yesterday I couldn’t find the inspiration to write about this topic. Even today, I’m having a hard time. I still posted yesterday, so I think I’m still allowed to take part in this. If not, I’m doing it anyway!

I guess I have a few favorite places. I don’t know if I want to spend a whole blog post simply devoted to one spot. Some of my favorite places include certain times too. I guess those would really be ‘favorite memories of a certain place’.

One of my favorite places in my new home of San Francisco, is the beach. I know that there are many many places that you could possibly name as your favorite place in San Francisco and many many places in California with better beaches, but damn it, it is MY favorite place, not yours. I love the ocean. I love the ocean even more when the beach is almost empty and almost every time I’ve gone to sit on the beach, its been practically empty. Its crazy to know that there is NOTHING for thousands of miles but beautiful blue water. I love the smell of the ocean. I love the feel of the air near the ocean. Its just a very inspirational place.

I love my front porch of my childhood home in Townville, PA. We have a beautiful view of our pond and front yard. Its a very peaceful place. I have so many great memories at that house. I think the best memories are from high school though. You know, when you were just learning about love. When you didn’t have to worry about paying bills on time or what you were going to do when you grew up. How you were going to be able to afford your next meal. I mean, that was my childhood. I know that everyone grows up differently, but that was how it was for me. I had a great group of friends which made my time in Townville even better.

I loved the two person chair lift at Holiday Valley that they took out. I think it was called the Spruce Line Lift. They replaced the slow 2 chair lift with a faster 3 or 4 person speed lift. I loved it when it was slow because the snow, when it was heavy, would sit on the branches of the pine trees. At the top, the snow was so thick on all of the trees that it was like walking into a solid snow palace. I loved it. It was so quiet you could hear the snowflakes hitting the ground.

Right now? I think my favorite place would be in a cabin in the woods with snow falling around me having just finished a day of skiing. Curled up with hot chocolate (with something a little stronger in it) and a book…. or a boy in front of a fireplace.

A girl can dream, right?

Front Yard

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