Growing older, but never growing up

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I’m going to nerd up this post right here. I don’t think that there is ever a strict moment where you leave childhood and enter adulthood. I don’t think there is some special birthday you reach where suddenly you are a mature, responsible adult. I think that some people have adulthood forced upon them early while others are treated in such a manner where they never have to become adults nor be responsible. Definitely a differential equation where the ‘point of entering adulthood’  changes in regards to time and is effected by other factors such as p (parents) and u (upbringing) long with other variables.

I don’t even think I’ve hit this point yet. I think that as you age, you start to realize that you’re not actually an adult yet. You haven’t fully crossed into the land of never laughing and always making the responsible decision. I don’t think this is a line that necessarily be crossed only once. I think that throughout your life, you’ll cross and recross this line over and over again. Once you’ve reached high school, you earn more responsibility and start to feel like more of an adult. In college, you realize that you were still a kid in high school.

Out of college, you realize you’ve become more of an adult and make most if not all of your decisions alone and you need to be responsible. You still make childish mistakes or act childish in some instances. Most of which are OK, some of which are things you should have outgrew. This trend continues as you age. You still never actually reach that point of completely being an adult.

Like I said before, there are some that cross the line initially at too early an age. When families lose their parents, and the eldest child is forced to act as a parental influence on the younger siblings or in instances where the parents are under the influence and unable to responsibly care for their children. This is a case where the younger of the two crosses into adulthood and the parent takes a plunge back into childhood, but in a negative way.

Some people never need to grow older and act responsible. I feel like most often, those are the celebrities. The ones who either made it big when they were younger or were born into a family with means who never taught them to be responsible and earn their living while taking care of practical matters of the home and themselves. Those who never knew what it was like to fret over paying bills or taking care of anyone. Those who never had to worry about how they were going to pay for college.

Good question.


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