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I am a fan of the 11:11 make a wish. I always catch the clock. Ok, not always, but there are weeks that go by where I do catch the clock at 11:11 every day. Sometimes TWICE a day which can happen when you don’t use military time.

On 11/11/11, I did make my wishes. I made 3. Am I going to tell you these wishes? No. Then they won’t come true. Haven’t you learned ANYTHING from being a kid?

Blow out the birthday candles, and make a wish. But  don’t tell anyone! An eyelash is on your cheek? Blow it off your finger and make a wish. Don’t tell anyone of it won’t come true! The clasp of your necklace works its way to the charm hanging down? Fix it and make a wish! But don’t tell anyone.

11/11/11 is a special day. It will only happen once in my lifetime. So I made my 3 wishes and I really hope they come true. But again, I won’t be telling you what they are. 😉


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