And another question with a one word answer…. nice.

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What more do you want from me with this question? An explanation? Not very interesting if you ask me. Then again, the people reading this blog might get off to answers to questions such as this.

I like to use both. Clearly I don’t mind using the computer since I’m sitting here typing at one right now. I love using a pen too. Small notebooks are easier to carry around then a laptop and I won’t ever purchase a tablet. If one was purchased for me, I would consider using it, but probably wouldn’t. That is a lie. I would totally play angry birds on it.

Today I wrote a short story and a half in a notebook. I have a Moleskin for my journal, but this notebook is a recent purchase. Moleskin was a bit too expensive, but I saw this guy sitting on the clearance shelf at a small locally 0wned bookstore near Market street. It is by Picadilly. I actually prefer it to Moleskin. And I got it for a wonderful $5. Its about the same size as the medium Moleskin. It has a hard cover of that soft leathery stuff. Same type of glued binding and a ribbon to mark your spot. I THINK it has more pages, but I’m not 100% sure and don’t feel like looking it up for you people. Look it up yourself.

Those stories, once they are edited and reworked will make their way onto this blog. Stay tuned! Real page turners.

I guess I got off topic. Deal with it.



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