I feel like I’m on ‘The Dating Game’

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Day 3 of NaBloPoMo…. and another gem of a question.


Maybe ‘The Dating Game’ isn’t the write game show or situation. Maybe I’m filling out one of those MySpace surveys or email surveys where you had to fill it out and then send it to 10 people and then THEY had to do the same thing all so that you don’t die or have a shitty love life or something…

Yeah. Just like that.

Answer time.

Can I listen to music when I write? Yes I can.

What song did I hear today? Do you want me to list all of them or tell you some that I remember? I think I had Spotify on for a good 3 hours. I don’t think you want all of those songs. The song playing right now is Come On, Come Out by A Fine Frenzy.

Done. The question has been answered. That isn’t much of a blog post if you ask me. I feel like this should be less of a ‘blog’ post month and more of a Tumblrblog post month if the questions are this short.

Lets revisit today’s question and see what we come up with?

Can I listen to music when I write? Again. Yes. I can. There is really nothing in this universe stopping me. Well I guess if I was in a public place and didn’t have headphones or a musical device or if I was writing while stranded on a deserted island. Then again, some folks would consider the sound of the gulls and the waves music. I’ll be honest, I probably would because I’m crazy awesome like that.

Can I listen to music and write WELL? I have no idea. Actually I think every time I’ve sat down to write, I’ve turned the music off or down depending on what it was. I prefer softer music while I write. Something that isn’t distracting. I used to study to classical music. Didn’t help for O chem them, I’ll tell you that.

I think I might have to do further investigation on the effects of music on my writing… I’ll get back to you on this.




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