NaBloPoMo….. Say that 5 times fast!

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I just registered for NaBloPoMo… National Blog Posting Month for November through The idea is that each day you will get a prompt and each day you write a blog post about it.

Sounds like fun, no?

Today is Day Number Uno (Day Number 1).

The Topic?

Hm. So here we go!
What is my favorite part about writing? (Yeah I said favorite.. not favourite. The U weirds me out)

“To start, everything.”

That there is a quote from Almost Famous.


My favorite part about writing would be the freedom. I’m not talking about the writing that I do for work or that I did for school or for applications. I’m talking about the writing I do for me. I have the freedom to write about anything. To scribble down every little fantasy that I have in my mind. I don’t have to conform to any rules. I don’t have to stick to a prompt (well that is what I’m doing here, but this is really just fixing my writers block). By prompt I meant – ‘Please tell me in 250 characters or less why you want to join the Peace Corps”.

I can have an opinion. I don’t have to write facts. Well unless what I am writing about calls for facts, though most of my posts don’t.

With that, my second favorite part about writing would be the ability to lay my thoughts and ideas out on paper. I can visibly see my dreams and where I need to go. I can read through the events of what happened in my subconscious the night before – I write down my dreams when they are wack. I can write down my feelings about a person, place, or thing to get to the core. I can see how I truly feel about that subject or person. To me, that is important. I’m not just rambling on and on in my head. I’m writing down those thoughts and putting an order to them.

Reasoning out why I’m upset.

Figuring out why I really want to do something.

Reasoning out that ridiculous crush on someone.

And those two things, my friends, are my favorite aspects of writing.



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