I’m definitely the rule

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He’s Just Not That Into You. I get it. Why doesn’t he get it? Why Can’t those words just come out? Hi, yeah, sorry. I’m really just not that into you. Its not hard. I’ve said it. I’ll say it again.

No, I’m not involved with anyone. No this isn’t about anyone in particular at this very moment. Really where I want to go with this is what it means for me to be the ‘rule’. Wow I guess that I started this whole post poorly. Get over it.

I’ve realized over the past few months (ok the past 3 months or so), that I’ve been the ‘rule’ quite a few times. Ugh OK so two that I know of off the top of my head in the particular circumstance that I’m going for here. Hes Just Not That Into You (great movie, by the way) has taught me many things. Each time that I watch it, I learn something new. If he doesn’t call you when he says he would? Hes just not that into you. If he seems like he doesn’t give a shit? “He generally doesn’t give a shit”.

If he tells you that you’re amazing and would be the perfect girl that he would love to spend his life with or that he would love to date, but that he just doesn’t date. Period. No exceptions for anyone, even someone as awesome as you. Because he’s too busy with school and work, because he has issues with relationships and doesn’t agree with them.

Hes really just not that into you.

Recently the glory that is Facebook has updated me on the relationship status of two individuals who both said the very same thing at some point though these conversations were recent.  I had these conversations a few years ago, a year apart from two separate guys. Both of them have girlfriends now. Both instances left me confused, a little hurt, and not at all surprised. That is a lie, the one left me surprised. Well both did actually. That is beside the point. The point is, that they could have just told me that well, yeah I’m fun to kiss, but no, they really aren’t that into me.

Don’t make up long winded excuses about how you disliked how your dad treated your mom, so you don’t want to get involved with anyone seriously. Don’t tell me that between work and school, you have no time to focus. Here you are with a girlfriend. Here you are in demanding graduate school…. with a girlfriend. Really you could have said, I’m just not that into you and I want to do some living before I grow up.

Despite this post, I don’t actually care. I’m excited for both of them. I realized I couldn’t have lasted in a relationship with them anyway. I don’t even think I could last in any relationship right now to be honest. Residency in 3 different states in 4 months? NBD. Move 3000 miles away? NBD.

Someday I’ll be an exception. Until then, I’m perfectly OK with being the rule and doing whatever I want to.


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