San Francisco Lesson #2*

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Sourdough Bread is not the best for egg salad.

It is downright messy. I am sure the same applies for chicken salad and tuna salad. Anything really that is not a flat piece of deli meat. The bread will slide around and it will be hard to get it in your mouth. Yes, you can go ahead and chuckle, I just did. I ended up with a mass of egg salad on my plate and two delicious slabs of sour dough that just would not mate. I have no idea what the egg salad has against the bread or vice versa, but it made eating my sandwich more of a chore when really I just wanted to eat and read my book.

Lesson learned.


*Lesson number 1 will be posted soon…. It is a lesson that I accidentally learned when I was here for a visit in March/April.


One thought on “San Francisco Lesson #2*

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