Cal-i-forn-ia girls, we’re undeniable….

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Well… It’s happened. I did what I said I would do back in April. I moved to San Francisco. I wish I could tell you exactly how many days it has taken me since stating that I was going to live here, but that would require some sort of work and frankly right now I’m feeling the West Coast laziness. Deal with it. Be jealous too.

I resigned from my job in the beginning of August. I gave exactly a month’s notice. I couldn’t take living in DC anymore. Every moment I”m here, well every moment I was in Pittsburgh and then when I came here, I continue to compare the cities and DC just will never win out (sorry readers in DC, just wasn’t doing it for me).  I’ll probably make a list of these things later and post them.

the sunset where my cousin lives/where I'm staying right now

These past two days I’ve spent wandering around Chinatown, downtown, North Beach, and the Sunset. Today I sat on the beach for an hour and a half. Right now I’m watching the sun set through my cousin’s living room window.

Its surreal. It honestly has not hit me yet that I just moved 2,626 miles across the country. I mean, I vacationed in Colorado for 5 days right before arriving (which I’ll get to in a later post), so that has thrown me off a bit. I’m still ‘homeless’ and still living out of suitcases. I wish to stop doing that soon.I always manage to forget where I put the shirt I’m looking for and it is ALWAYS at the bottom… of the OTHER suitcase.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I rock at doing what I set my mind to. It may take me a few months or so to consider what I really want, but if I think it is worth while and something really moves me, I make it happen. And I did. Months later. Not even YEARS later, but months! I did it. I moved across the country.

Let me tell you, I had this feeling today, that I haven’t felt in ages. What was it you ask?


Flying over the Rockies to California

One thought on “Cal-i-forn-ia girls, we’re undeniable….

    brittany said:
    October 13, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    i am so happy you are finally happy. =) i love you.

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