It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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I did it. I moved. New City. OK OK. New OLD city. I lived here before and I love it.

I will say that there are a few things that I definitely miss about DC, however their loss does not make my life an inconvenience.

Things I miss about DC:

– The public transportation

– The abundance of cabs

– Flat land Ok. This MIGHT be an inconvenience. Not really. Walking up hills that rival San Francisco have made me realize that I’m so terribly out of shape.

– The rockin’ fish market

– My coworkers

– Siam House

– The Mighty Pint and those that work there

Along with the things I DO miss about DC, there is a list of things that I definitely do not miss.

Things I won’t miss about DC

– The public transportation I know I know, I said I would miss it. Its a love hate relationship. On one hand it is convenient to have a metro and buses running regularly. On the other, they don’t run so regularly when you need them to (I.E. late at night when you have to pee.

– Humidity

– Lack of precipitation I’m weird, what can I say? I love rain and snow.

– The gray winter

– Most of  the people OK I guess really just some of the people and the mentality of the city.

– My tiny cube in the awkward open space in my new office building

– $11 movies

– Expensive drinks/food/grocery/life

– Tourists

Thinks I love about Pittsburgh that I thought I would miss when I moved and didn’t realize how much I missed them until I returned

– $5 movies Yes. There exists places in the world (well US) where you can go see a movie Monday – Thursday for $5. All Day and into the evening. Not just matinees. It is the shizznit. I have seen 2 movies in the past 2 weeks for LESS than the price of ONE movie in DC. Think about it.

– The hills Best. Ass. Workout. Ever. ‘nough said.

– The beautiful buildings. Have you ever walked around DC? Some of those buildings (NOT the monuments, the actual buildings) are TERRIBLE unpleasing to the eye. Then you come here, and you have beautiful buildings like the Cathedral of Learning, Soldiers and Sailors, and PPG.

– Cultural events planned by cultural centers/clubs in the area For example: Croatian day at Kennywood – Croatian Club in Pittsburgh has a day at the amusement park. You can go watch some performances from the Tamboritzans and eat BBQ lamb (no not the BBQ sauce) fresh off the spit or the Greek food festival at the Greek church and they aren’t over run by clueless tourists.

The Pittsburgh Toilet

– Pamela’s and Deluca’s Shove it, Open City. Your food wasn’t that good.

– Quality Sandwich shops And another shove it to Potbellys. You’re only slightly better than Quiznos and the only sandwich shop I could find.

– Thai food truck So delicious. A large combo with a drink? $6.50. A Small with a soda? $4.50. Be jealous of those prices.

– The skyline You don’t realize how much character a skyline ads to a city until you don’t have a skyline any more.

-The bridges, the rivers, the Cathedral of Learning, the sports, the sports fans, (shh don’t tell anyone but…) Pitt Football, the people, the vibe

OK. I’m done. I think you get the idea. Here are some of my pictures of Pittsburgh:

View from PNC park before heading into the stadium
Skyline from Mount Washington. Not the best version
Heinz Chapel after Snowmageddon
Cathedral of Learning in the Fall

2 thoughts on “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

    sweetridgesisters said:
    September 13, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Your pictures are incredible.

      paperballpotluck responded:
      September 13, 2011 at 5:56 pm

      Thank you! I used an old camera though. I hope to be getting a better one soon and will have many more posts about Pittsburgh!

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