Food presentation? Go home.

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Today is my last day in DC and at work so I wanted to have a final lunch with my friends I’ve made here. We are picnicking close to the office and I wanted to go to the food trucks that I hear so much about. I have a favorite food truck  in Pittsburgh, but I think that they are something that you need to try  in every city.

I was busy reading about the food trucks in the area when I stumbled upon this gem of a review for a sandwich truck.

I didn’t click on more. I didn’t want to know what else Doug L thought about this truck.

I love that he commented on the presentation. Dear Doug L. You are eating food from a TRUCK. If you are concerned with presentation, please choose one of the many sandwich shops in the area that will delicately place the meats and cheeses on the bread and delicately wrap your little sandwich up with paper. Don’t eat it out of a damn truck and complain about how it looks. This isn’t a 5 star restaurant. It’s a truck.



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