If I ever have a fiance, These will not be at his Bachelor party

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I was checking through my google reader just now and happened upon this little craft on craft gawker. Now I’m ALL for cute foods. Well actually not completely for. I mean, think about it. Some of the “cute foods” that you can make, especially with kids are not really that appetizing after you think about how many hands have touched it. What sort of rolling around to manipulate the dough, cheese, meat, that you’ve had to do. You have oil on your hands, people, and it will seep into the things that I want to eat!

If someone tells me to have a cookie that their child helped to bake, I sure as hell won’t eat it. You don’t know the depths of the naval passages those little hands explored while you had your back turned or how many times they licked their fingers, the spoon, or the ball of dough for that matter.

This entry, however, doesn’t really have anything to do with the preparation. What I am amused at is the suggestion that these cute little treats are perfect for a bachelor party. (The other suggestion is New Years. I will agree with this, definitely perfect for New Years or even a Christmas party)

Here is my problem. What kind of man says “Wow these are adorable. Screw having wings/beer/pizza, give me some crackers that look like tuxedos and maybe a glass of merlot.” I guess that it may be the type of man that other woman are into, but if my fiance had these, I would question whether or not he was manly enough to marry me. I want my man eating manly foods! With beer! and a stripper! Not snacking on cutsie tuxedo crackers. These MIGHT work for those couples that have joint parties if it is a cocktail affair? Or something? But really?

Another question. Is he going to make these himself? Or will he be serving his friends these cute snacks that you made for him all for the little guy’s party? That is just weird. Women, please do not make your men cute food for a bachelor party. It sounds embarrassing. I guess along this line has me considering the cute food women make for football parties. It will be eaten. They will not look at it. As long as it tastes good, men aren’t going to notice that their cheese is in the shape of a football or a helmet.

Maybe its just me.


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