I Love You, 8Tracks.com

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I have developed an obsession with a new website. I haven’t decided if it’s unhealthy yet or not. Probably is.

The Web site is 8tracks.com.

I’m in love. Stumbleupon showed it to me. Stumbleupon is another obsession of mine.

I’ve since created a profile and 2 different mixes.

You can upload music to the site and then create playlists that others can listen to. You can create them about everything.

I found a guy on here that I think is my music soul mate. Or close. Or something. Here is his playlist of favorite songs.

I decided to make one of those too. A playlist of songs that I don’t think I will ever get sick of. Here it is.

I made another playlist with music I like to dance to in my room.

My other issue with this site is that you have to use only music you can upload. I have broken computers at home, so obtaining new music doesn’t go very well. I can’t really… get an unless I go to a music store and buy a whole CD. I don’t want to do this because they jack CD prices at places like best buy. I think they should reward you if you actually spend the time to walk to a store to buy your music. Here! Here is $5 off the price on Amazon.com because you’re not a lazy fuck!

Anyway, I wanted to add music that I don’t have to these mixes. Alas, not able to do such a thing.

Right now, I’m working on a playlist of songs that deal with getting out and going somewhere. I know that there are MANY other songs out there that would work on this list, again, I don’t have them in my greedy music hands…yet.

This is too fun. I want to make it sort of a story.

Ok, I made it a story!! Here it is. Its called Searching for Something.

Enjoy 🙂


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