I am so doing this when I move into wherever I’m going to be living soon

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If you know me at all, you know I like to think of myself as crafty. No, not crafty as in manupulative, crafty as in – I would shake your hand, but mine is covered in glue and paint.

I subscribe to numerous craft blogs on my Google reader and hardly ever actually read all of the posts especially with CraftGawker. Today I chose to actually scroll through all of the new posts and I’m definitely glad that I did.

I love looking for new projects and things to do. Since moving to DC, my craftiness has been limited to very few paintings and two blankets. Ok, so a baby blanket and a small section of another blanket that I vow to (mostly) finish before the new year.

ANYWAY, as I was scrolling down the list of craft projects, this glorious drippy display of color caught my eye. A blogger and her crafty blogger mother recreated crayon art fashioned after the works of Jessica Kerbawy (JKCreate) on Etsy and posted their step by step process on Unsimple Living.

I love it. LOVE it. There is no doubt that when I reach my final destination of where I will be living for the next few months that I will be creating my own versions of this work. I already have some interesting ideas in my head… Maybe I’ll create smaller versions for my aunts…. Ok I’ll stop now before this post becomes me rattling off my ideas with no sense of direction.


This is the work created by Suzi from Unsimple Living:

Crayon Art by Suzi on Unsimple Living

And here are some of my favorite works by Jessica from JKCreate. PLEASE see her Etsy shop!

This is probably my favorite.

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