I need to be friends with this girl

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I love Etsy. I think it’s a great place for artists to sell their wares without dealing with Ebay nonsense and the issues associate with selling things through Deviant Art.

You can really find a great deal of amazing things on here. I recently bought a print by an artist/illustrator and plan on buying the other 3 in the set over the course of the next few months and possibly copies for my friends soon to be married.

Today I found a goldmine. If you know me, you know I love Mario and Zelda and occasionally a good game of Super Smash Bros. This girl, Elizabeth Kohn, fashioned jewlery out of some of the most iconic things from Mario and Zelda. I will hopefully be snapping up a few pairs of earrings from her over the next few months!

Triforce Earrings
Ocarina earrings


Kirby Necklace


Everything is super cute and I love it, but what really sealed the deal with me having a small girl crush on this artist is her Gir wall banner:


Maybe I should write her a love letter?


One thought on “I need to be friends with this girl

    theglitterpost said:
    August 5, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    just discovering etsy for jewellery now its amazing!



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