Executing The Plan: Step 1

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Well… step one of my plan has been executed! or, I guess… mostly.

Actually looking back at the plan, step one is sort of half done? I have a vague idea of what is to come. Really what I’ve done so far is step 2 and a vague representation of step 3.

On Monday, August 1, I put in my resignation. People around the office tell me that I was way too generous in giving my manager a MONTH heads up before peacing. I guess it is a little much as people usually just throw in a two week notice and get out, but I was hoping that they could get the job hunt process started before I left. Last time we lost someone it took MONTHS to even start interviews. That was annoying. Won’t go into details concerning why…

Anyway, I quit, short and simple. I guess in the grand scheme of things, that actually would be step 1 of anything.

The plan was this:

1. Quit

2. Move back to Pittsburgh on Sept 1

3. Go to my friend’s wedding and live it up in Pgh

4. Get a temp job at Pitt either in the study abroad office (my friend was vacating a position and moving up!) or in the IT office where I was working before.

5. Apply non-stop to jobs in San Francisco.

6. Get my shit together, and just move to San Francisco anywhere between October and January depending on living situation.

7. Either start work at a real person job, or get as many part time jobs as possible to live and continue applying to real person jobs.

8. Live my life in San Francisco.

If you know me, you know that I never have a plan set in stone. Ever. It NEVER works out the way you want it to, so I just don’t completely plan anything. So far, everything has worked out in the end.

So here is what is really happening:

1. Start applying to jobs in San Francisco

2. Quit

3. On the same day you talk to your boss, get an email from HR about an open entry grade level position opening in the West Coast office in San Francisco. Half apply for the job as an external applicant. Get a phone call the next day from HR at the headquarters office about interviewing for open position.

4. Interview for open position in regional office in San Francisco day after phone call.

5. Realize that you might be moving to San Francisco earlier than you thought.

6. Realize that in a month and a half you might be writing blog posts from the west coast.

7. Smile.

In summary, I had an interview with our west coast office. This was definitely unexpected especially since I found out that both temporary positions I had lined up in Pittsburgh may not happen as planned.

Its funny how things have a way of working themselves out when you just sit back and stop worrying.

I suppose the only thing I can do right now is start packing. Well that and keep my fingers crossed.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we finish the rest of the “short term” plan that is constantly evolving in my head.


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