Pittsburgh in Film: 1890’s -1970’s

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Last night my friends still living in Pittsburgh, and who were downtown, managed to snap a few photos from office windows of the Bat logo shining on the face of some of the buildings. Filming for the new batman movie continues.

Photo by my friend Matt

This got me to thinking about all of the movies that have been filmed in Pittsburgh. So I compiled this list, with some comments, mainly for myself. But why not post it up here!

Let me know if I’m missing any!

OOO! While searching for a comprehensive list of these movies, I found the Pittsburgh Film Office website which has a complete list of movies filmed either in full or partially in Pittsburgh!



Note: This is going to take longer than I thought, so you had damn well appreciate this list. Apparently there are films missing from the Pittsburgh Film Office website… thank you Wikipedia for letting me know (oh whatever, so I use wikipedia… I have IMDB backup!) So I’ll be adding some films from that there list… Especially since they left off a film called Pittsburgh with John Wayne… WTF? Why would you leave off a film called Pittsburgh on a list of films shot in Pittsburgh?

Extra Note: Oh hey, IMDB has a list of movies filmed in Pittsburgh too…


There are 3 films listed on Wikipedia from the 1890’s….

1898 Tancred Commandery, Pittsburgh
1899 Heros of Luzon
1899 Running Through Gallitzin Tunnel


These all sound… fascinating.

1901 Packing Pickle Jars Sounds Riveting…
1902 Panoramic View
1903 Pittsburgh Fire Department in Full Run
1904 Steam Hammer
1904 Railroad Panorama


FINALLY getting to some films that are on the Pittsburgh Film Office list! By some, I mean one.

1914 The Perils of Pauline The list says this was filmed in Pitturgh, but I can’t actually find anything saying that…. so I’m crossing it off! well actually maybe a tiny part was shot there.
1915 Via Wireless
1918 Just a Woman
1919 Spring Fever  Starring Harold Lloyd! I don’t know who that is.


More blockbusters right here!

1920 The North Wind’s Malice
1922 In the Name of the Law
1926 Buy an Electric Refrigerator  This sounds ridiculously entertaining. MUST SEE NOW.


Oh! A familiar name in film!

1931 The Pip from Pittsburgh What is a Pip?
1936 Can You Imagine
1939 Allegheny Uprising  Starring John Wayne! A majority of this film was shot in Lake Sherman, CA.
1904 Steam Hammer
1904 Railroad Panorama


1941 The Pittsburgh Kid
1942 Pittsburgh Very original title. Starring John Wayne! I hope that John Wayne appreciated his experience in PGH during these changing times.
1945 The Valley of Decision
1947 The Unconquired  This one is actually on the PFO website.


Now we are getting to some recognizable titles and names! At least for me anyway.

1951 Angels in the Outfield  Whoa! I had no idea that the original was filmed about the Pittsburgh Pirates! Super exciting. I think that maybe this year the angels are back with the way the Pirates have been playing lately! Staring Bing Crosby, Joe DiMaggio and Ty Cobb.
1951 I Was A Communist for the FBI
1952 Pat and Mike  No idea why this movie is on ANY list.. it wasn’t actually filmed in Pittsburgh at all.
1955 Lonesome Trail  Umm.. This one either. DId someone just kind of feel like adding movies they thought sounded cool to the list of movies filmed in Pittsburgh?
1958 Some Came Running Welcome to the ‘burgh Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Martin!


Not a big year in Pittsburgh for films….

1960 The Rat Race
1965 Sylvia
1968 Night of the Living Dead The first of many horror movies by George A. Romero in Pittsburgh. I love zombie movies.


And BAM! Pittsburgh is a popular filming location for the first time!

1970 Imago  No idea what this is about.
1971 The Affair (There’s Always Vanilla)  Another production by George A. Romero.
1971 Going Home
1972 Jack’s Wife (Season of the Witch)  And another one by George A. Romero. Man he was in FIRE this decade! After reading about this movie, I really want to see it.
1973 The Crazies  And another George A. Romero film.  I should probably watch this one too. I don’t know why I haven’t watched all of his movies yet. SHAME ON ME!
1973 The Song Remains the Same Aha, dear Reader! It has been confirmed by my friend that parts of this movie were actually filmed in Pittsburgh. Hooray!
1974 The Devil and Sam Silverstein  Boo no proof this movie exists (lets me honest, I really didn’t look that hard)
1976 Betty’s Corner Cafe  Oo a documentary filmed in Braddock, PA (Part of Pittsburgh)
1977 Slap Shot YES! What a fantastic movie. Its not actually filmed in Pittsburgh. Most of it is filmed in Johnstown, PA. Just looked on IMDB… THEY ARE MAKING ANOTHER ONE! I hope it doesn’t ruin the original… 😦 I hate when they do that.
1978 The Deer Hunter I admit I have never seen this movie. It’s unfortunate. Just added it to the netflix queue. Anyway, this movie was filmed all over the place. Most of it was NOT shot in Pittsburgh, just one part of it.
1978 Death Penalty Can’t find this one either.
1978 Dawn of the Dead
When someone mentions a zombie movie (written by none other than George A. Romero) in Pittsburgh, this is the one they usually think of. On a side note, one of the Penguins lives in a renovated apartment where they used to store the props for this movie in the Southside. The mall in the movie is the Monroeville Mall.
1978 Martin Another George A. Romero movie. Huh.. looks interesting. ADD IT TO THE QUEUE!
1979 The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh Umm.. what? Hahahaha… wow… I want to watch this… and make a drinking game out of it.

So, I just realized that there are ….. many many films shot in Pittsburgh in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s… So those are all going to be separate posts. Sorry! This would just drag on and on and on and on if I kept going in one post! Deal with it.

Go Pittsburgh.


3 thoughts on “Pittsburgh in Film: 1890’s -1970’s

    Brittany said:
    August 2, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Okay, with your new site I have to get e-mail alerts instead of Reader alerts, so I just found this. Well done! We probably should watch the Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. Also, I have never seen Deer Hunter, either. =)

      paperballpotluck responded:
      August 2, 2011 at 12:49 pm

      weird… you SHOULD be able to just copy and paste the address into the “add blog” part of google reader and it will update when I update….

      and YES! lets definitely watch both of those! I feel like I’ve seen parts of Deer Hunter…. I’m going to work on the 80’s today!

    Pittsburgh in Film: 1980′s « paperballpotluck said:
    April 9, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    […] I know that I promised that I would make a list of movies filmed in Pittsburgh. I made one before and said I would come back to finish the 80′s, 90′s, and 2000′s, BUT it is getting […]

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