I really need to stop doing this, it’s bad for my mental health

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Last night I had a dream that I was back on Semester at Sea. Except it was a new voyage; my second voyage. From what I remember, we were heading around the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America, but you know dreams…they change and move like flowing water.

I do remember that when I boarded the ship, I ran to the nearest railing and hugged and kissed it. Don’t worry, those railings are probably cleaner than my plates at home.

It was kind of nice to have a Semester at Sea dream with new people. I always dream about my voyage and my ex but we’re still together. And those never end well either. Its bad for my mental health. It really is. Those were the best 67 days of my life, and sometimes when I think about it, it is hazy and I feel the ship slipping away from my memories. Unfortunately much like a lot of memories in my life. That is a different story though.

Anyway, I need to stop thinking about this. It happened. It was great. Its over. Time to save some money for another trip. Time to look up ways to work abroad. Time to move on.

Although… Maybe it is a sign to keep applying to positions on the ship. I’m bound to land one eventually, right? Maybe I can try and do a semester abroad for Graduate School on the ship. I know it is an option.

All I know for certain is that I WILL be on that ship again in the future.


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