30 Day Music Challenge: Review

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Finally. The last day of this 30 Day Music Challenge. I’ve finally done it. I’m done!

So… what do I think?

Well I’ll be honest. Some of the songs weren’t REALLY the top contenders for those categories. I did most of this while I was away from my iTunes library, so I picked things that I remembered. I’m glad that I stuck with not doubling up on artists. I gave a good variety.

Throughout this whole affair, I’ve realized that I need more new music. As much as I love Grooveshark, I need to start searching out new bands! (I’ve already found some good ones.) I have rediscovered lost songs that I forgot about and lost memories associated with some of them, too. I love walking down memory lane…. maybe a bit too much!

There are some other categories that I would have liked to see, too. Mainly these three*.
– A song from a recently discovered band
– A recently discovered favorite song
– A song that you love now, but eventually will play too much

* by mainly, I mean right now these are the three that I can think of…

Anyway, It was a good experience. it may have cluttered my blog, but at least I have some hits!

Good luck to those of you who will just begin your journey through a month of music.


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