30 Day Music Challenge: Day 30

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Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

Title: Spinning
Artist: Jack’s Mannequin

I will be completely honest. This song most likely was not my favorite at this time last year, however, the 3 artists that would have won this category, I have already used… and I don’t want to break my plan to not double up on artists!

So I chose this song because they played at Bigelow Bash last year at Pitt and I’m pretty sure I went and this is my favorite song by them. I most likely made a play list centered around this song for my long work days.

I first heard Jack’s Mannequin on One Tree Hill. hm.. seems that I find a lot of my music from One Tree Hill…. 😉


First Runner Up
Title: You Belong With Me
Artist: Taylor Swift

This song was probably my number 1 last year. I used to watch the video on repeat ALL of the time last summer. I’m so weird.

Second Runner Up
Title: Far Away
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson

I love this song. I already used it for a day. I’m pretty sure that I was either listening to T-Swift, some pop punk, Ingrid, or….

Honorable Mention:
Title: Dance So Good
Artist: Wakey!Wakey!

Another find from OTH! I was catching up with this season at this time last year and LOVED Grubbs! So sad that his character and the other Brit Chick are gone.


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