30 Day Music Challenge: Day 21

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A Song That You Listen To When You’re Happy

Title: Pony
Artist: Erin McCarley

Erin McCarley has a wonderful voice and this song is happy and bouncy. When I close my eyes and listen to the lyrics a smile spreads across my face and I’m transported to a happy place.

I love this whole album as well.

“Within your ruby shoes you, you deserve a smile with no regret

And look at you kicking off your shoes
Dancing for the world to see

Got the power to believe now open up and see
And go be free and fly away”

First Runner Up
Title: Rill Rill
Artist: Sleigh Bells

I was going to pick this because Sleigh Bells is a band I recently found, BUT I watched the music video and there is blood and then read the lyrics and they aren’t really that happy. It just has a bouncy tune…

Second Runner Up
Title: Damelo
Artist:  Juanes

I just love Juanes and this song. Puts a smile on my face every time.

Honorable Mention
Title: Teenage Dream
Artist: Katy Perry

Love this song. Too bad I already used Katy Perry. It makes me want to put skinny jeans on and dance around my room. I’m weird.


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