How I found myself in a scene from a chick flick

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Saturday I went to my usual bar to support my hockey team in their playoff endeavors. What I thought was going to be 3 hours of a beer or two with friends and an easy win, turned into an 8-2 loss and me in the middle of a chick flick.

In January I met this guy through our social group. We made plans to go out for drinks. I was really excited. After my last emotionally abusive boy experience, I had zero love life for the past few months. Hooray! A boy wanted to be more than friends! We went out on a Wednesday which happened to be the only night that DC was slammed with snow this winter (and by slammed, I mean 5″). None of the ground transportation was running and by the time we finished our two cocktails, the metro was closed. Taxi? Not a one.

I was close enough (3ish miles) that I could have walked, but I had no idea where I was since I was still relatively new. We head back to his apartment and I stayed there. Umm.. and yeah…..

So after that he did his typical young 20 something guy move and just … ignored me. Whatever, I knew his game. He just wanted to have some fun with a few ladies. I got that. I understood that is what he wanted. It would have been nicer if he would have just told me this from the start, but we all make mistakes concerning honesty.

Moving on.

We barely spoke. When he showed up for games, I was polite. I said hi, caught up on his life, moved on.

This past Wednesday, he told me that he quit his job and started working as a waiter full time. I thought that was an interesting life move, but whatever makes you happy, I say do it. He also texted me at 11:30pm that same evening “come over tonight”. To which I responded “no I don’t think so. I’m not looking for that, and I have to get up for work tomorrow.”

Back to Saturday.

I got to the bar around 11:45 am (yes, AM). There were a few tables of fans and most of the bar stools were full of eager fans awaiting the puck to be dropped for the noon game. I was sipping my water (hydrating after a run that morning and not wanting to indulge in alcohol at noon) when this girl came in and sat next to me. She wasn’t wearing any penguins gear, but after a period or so, it became clear that she was there for the game and was not a Tampa Bay supporter.

I was with a few of the regulars and we engulfed her into our group. I learned that she was visiting her boyfriend who was hard at work and was from Pittsburgh. She came here because she knew this was his regular place.

Midway through the second period, I hear some shouting and cheering from the back of the room. One of the assistant managers had put on a full Easter Bunny costume and was parading around the bar with a basket of chocolate and condoms. Both my new friend and I were given bunny ears to celebrate the joyous occasion. The other bartender decided it would be hilarious if we all went to a late lunch – me, new girl, and the easter bunny – all wearing our festive gear. The bunny offered to pay, so why the hell not? [Note: I know the guy dressed in the Easter Bunny. He isn’t a complete stranger]

Toward the end of the meal the wine had reached the end of the line and I excused myself and headed to the bathroom. On my way back down the stairs to our table, I heard new girl talking about her boyfriend with the Easter Bunny.

“Yeah, he’s been here since August. He was an accountant, but just quit his job and now is a waiter full time”

That is when it struck me. This girl was none other than the girlfriend of the guy that I went out with in January. Wow. How often does THAT happen?

I confirmed that she was his girlfriend, and then kept my mouth shut.

After returning to the bar, I discussed my findings with the other regulars. Complete shock.

The moral of the story:

– Don’t woo girls in a social circle that your long term, out of town girlfriend may make an appearance in without you.
– Be upfront with someone who you just want to sleep with to make sure that is all they want too… oh and let them know you have a serious girlfriend.

This story will definitely make an appearance in one of my books.. if they are ever written.. which they will be.

The bad news? My life is a chick flick.

The good news? I’m going to marry Hugh Grant.


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