30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7

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A Song That Reminds you of a Certain Event

Title: Rainbow High
Artist: Andrew Lloyd Webber – Madonna (Movie version of Evita)

This song reminds me of two separate events, but both are related, though. First it reminds me of my first performance team song for a spring show with the Figure Skating Club of Erie. We did this in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show, which was my first spring show.

Second it reminds me of my first solo in a spring show. You were able to get a solo if you were competing in regionals and that was my first year! I wore a royal blue velvet dress that was sleeveless and had  fabric stripes going down the back. I beaded it myself and used it for my Rhapsody in Blue solo for Open Juvenile ladies free skate.

Not a week goes by that I don’t think about the old days of skating. I miss my club and the girls. I miss waking up early to skate before school. I miss the feel of the hard ice under my blades and the cold crisp air on my face as I warmed up. I miss the feeling of landing a new jump. I miss knowing how my body would move and being in shape! (Going back to skating after taking 3 years off is an awkward experience).




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