30 Day Music Challenge: Day 6

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A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Title: Kids
Artist: MGMT

This song reminds me of cabin 4005 on the MV Explorer when I was on Semester at Sea. My friends would all gather in this room and watch movies or play cards between classes, at night, after 6pm on the last day of a country visit, or when it was toooo hot to be outside. Our one friend would ALWAYS put this song on if he had our other friend’s computer. So now, whenever I hear this song, I think about the fun times in cabin 4005.

First Runner Up:
Title: I’m On a Boat
Artist: The Lonely Island

This song also reminds me of Semester at Sea but mainly just being on the ship.

Second Runner Up:
Title: I Want You
Artist: Savage Garden

Reminds me of Spice Cafe Karaoke in Pittsburgh.

Honorable Mention:
Title: I Gotta Feeling
Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Reminds me of the locker room before we went to compete for my 2009/2010 synchro season with the RMU Collegiate Skating Team


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