30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5

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This one was a little hard because…. well… there are a lot of songs out there that remind me of people. I went with one that reminded me of my Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian professor and my friend from that class.

For all of you who need new running tunes, I suggest looking up Jelena Karleusa and some other Turbo Folk singers! Great beat!

A Song that Reminds You Of Someone

Title: Insomnia
Artist: Jelena Karleusa



First Runner Up:
Title: Mi Camisa Negra
Artist: Juanes

Reminds me of my Spanish teacher in highschool. Every time we had craft days or cooking days, we would play Juanes’ CDs and she always put this one on first!

Second Runner Up:
Title: Party in the USA
Artist: Miley Cyrus

Reminds me of my 4 guy friends who, when this song first came out, sang it ALL the time at Karaoke!

Honorable Mention
Title: Gotta Have You
Artist: The Weepies

Reminds me of my ex boyfriend. Had to get one of those lovey-dovey nonsense songs in there!


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