30 Day Music Challenge: Day 19

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A Song From Your Favorite Album

Title: The Circle
Artist: Wallis Bird
Album: Spoons

I have a lot of favorite albums from a bunch of different favorite bands. What makes an album my favorite? If I can listen through the whole thing over and over and enjoy every song just as much as the one before. I can do that with Spoons. In fact, the other day at work, I listened to this CD a few thousand times. Ok, so maybe a thousand is an exaggeration, but I listened to it at least 4 times.

I chose The Circle from this album because it is by far my favorite. Wallis Bird is extremely talented and I love her! So check out more of her music.

First Runner Up

Title: You Picked Me
Artist: A Fine Frenzy
Album: One Cell In The Sea

Second Runner Up

Title: Pony (It’s OK)
Artist: Erin McCarley
Album: Love, Save The Empty

Honorable Mention

Title: Henrietta
Artist: The Fratellis
Album: Costello Music


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