30 Day Music Challenge: Day 17 and 18

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A Song That You Hear On The Radio & A Song that You Wish You Heard on the Radio


Day 17:

Title: Fuck You
Artist: Cee Lo

Day 18:

Title: Fever Dog
Artistl: Stillwater

I chose to lump these two together because of my utter hatred of the radio. I haven’t listened to the radio in….. 5 months? I just assumed that the Cee Lo song was STILL playing all the time on the radio because it was in December and I’m sure it still is… probably twice an hour…. in between the 30 minutes of commercials. (Can’t you tell that I really dislike the radio?)

I chose Fever Dog because it’s from Almost Famous and I’m pretty sure if I turned the radio on and heard this song, I would smile and get really excited.

End of story.


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