30 Day Music Challenge: Day 13

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A Song That Is a Guilty Pleasure

Title: Mine
Artist: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is definitely my guilty pleasure. My friends all know that I can’t stand country music (It’s the twang. I won’t ever get over it). I love T-Swift though. Her music makes me feel so happy (well most of the time, her sad songs are really sad). But they are just so sweet and innocent and paint such lovely pictures of carefree love in my mind.

Last summer I would watch the video for You Belong With Me over and over. Oh my. Not what you would expect from me!

First Runner Up

Title: We Are Who We Are
Artist: Ke$ha

Too bad I missed her FREE concert at the University of Pittsburgh last weekend!! I don’t like what she stands for and the message she sends, but her songs are too catchy.

Second Runner Up
Title: Firework
Artist: Katy Perry

It’s even my ring tone! Sticking to my not using the same artist twice though.


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