30 Day Music Challenge: Day 11

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 Song From Your Favorite Band

Title: Wine Red
Artist: The Hush Sound

I don’t have one all time favorite band. I have a few bands that I have seen multiple times in concert and whose entire CD collection I own and have purchased more than once due to lost or damaged CDs. I chose this song because it is one of my favorites by The Hush Sound. I thought about choosing music from two other bands, but either used the one band already and don’t want to reuse them OR I am going to be using a song from another band.

I have been to 3 The Hush Sound concerts and waiting around for hours afterward to meet the band. They are all really friendly and really sweet. I love Greta’s voice and the great jazzy/folk sound they have to their music.


First Runner Up

Title: Henrietta
Artist: The Fratellis

They are another one of my all time favorite bands. And they broke up… 😦 They seriously were THE best concert I have ever been to in my life.

Second Runner Up

Title: Oceans
Artist: The Format

I’ve already used The Format, but I love them dearly!

Honorable Mention

Title: Deadbolt
Artist: Thrice

I’m going to use them later. 🙂


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